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nice juicy mag scans that will make you drool

Yo Niero, come grab some of the tasty pie! This month comes with tons of brand new sexy, juicy, tasty, dreaded yet beautiful imagery for your eye balls to feast. Many times I get jealous of not living in the far east... this is one of those times. O well, It looks like allot of translation for the Dtoid crew on all these fresh screenies. Well lets get the party started!

First off, Knights Contract for PS3/Xbox 360. Game is starting to look attractive to me...

why you Lucky SOB.... you Xboxs luckyassess get virtual on 4 for xbox! /sadpanda... come on SEGA! cut us BS3 players a little slack please!? share the retro games!

MMO game Final Fantasy 14 gets new images on world map, guild store logos and more:

a new game for the PSP called Influence, looks like the title is for JP onry for the time being:

new Gundam game called "Another Century R" (R rated pron? yes please!) for PS3

new 2 page images for the long awaited Xenoblade for the Wii (This game and monster hunter might convince me to dust off my wii and use it once again) and a battle vid. Gotta admit, this looks pretty freaking sweet for being a Wii game. As (good or better) than Monster Hunter Tri.

Hey Jim! Pssst! It's not Dynasty Warriors but close enough, Basara 3!

The resident eeeeeevil counter for the Wii... HospITaL! (looks sick!)

AGHHH! SHES BLEEDING FROM THE EYES NOSE AND MOUTH!!!! ban this sick filth! ..(not)

and thats it for the juicy scans, last I leave you are with the reviews they gave for the latest games:

Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii) 10/9/9/9
Alan Wake (Xbox 360) 9/9/8/8
Red Steel 2 (Wii) 9/8/7/7
Death Smiles IIX (Xbox 360) 8/8/7/7
Blaze Union: Story to Reach the Future (PSP) 8/8/8/8
Soccer Tsuku DS: World Challenge 2010 (NDS) 8/9/7/8
Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: The Lord of Elemental (NDS) 7/8/8/8
Medarot (NDS) 7/7/8/8

and well how can you go to sleep without seeing the latest sexy art work mages from Gameinformer magazine on Gears of War 3:

source: Famitsu, Gameinformer

damn looks like one of these days I need to come up with a new header image... bleh ill do it tomorrow. Good night sweet prince.
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