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Monthly Musing:Runs in the Family

With our beloved Anthony Burch gone, the Monthly Musings have left for now, and a gaping hole blown into the usual flow of community blogs that keep dull news weekends interesting here on Destructoid. However Xzyliac, Antwhan, Guncannon, and I have decided to set up our own community effort to keep up the Monthly Musings. If you want to write a monthly musing start it off with “Runs in the Family:” then whatever you want. Be sure to use the monthly musing tag though just like always.

All of us, at one time, have had family. Gaming can provide a great shared experience with them. I spent countless hours playing Goldeneye, Mario Kart, and Mario Party with my family. Not to mention the countless times I died in Mario 3 while playing with my cousin.

In this Monthly Musing, write about gaming and your family. Write about how you got your parents to game; the hundreds of hours you spent playing Mario Kart with your siblings; or how you are having trouble getting your family to understand your interest in Video Games. Whatever you write, it must involve gaming, and your Family.

If you would like a example of what would be a great blog for this musing, here is one by Andrew Kauz.

Whatever you do, make it personal, and interesting. Remember to tag it with “Monthly Musing” and start the title off with “Runs in the Family."
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