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A Compulsive Collector's Haul - PAX East Edition!

Dag yo! So, hereís yet another edition of A Compulsive Collectorís Haul. This here is all the swag and the few games I picked up from Boston, during a weekend of fun and shenanigans. Donít expect as much awesome as my PAX 2009 haul, but thereís still some gems and cool stuff scattered throughout. I also am posting pictures of some of the stuff I got for friends and all, since I thought they were cool enough to show off and all. Iím still running behind on these hauls, so letís just cut to the chase.

Also, holy hell does having to wake up at 6AM everyday suck ass! >_< I guess being a summer student and all though does have its disadvantages. -_-Ď

Okay, so I lied! Since Iím a tard and forgot to toss the DOMOs that I got from TheCleaningGuy in my last post, they get to make an appearance here. Greatest apologies good sir, and well, once again, thanks dude! We have a couple of the 4Ē series of DOMOs, the first being Tangerine and limited to only 1,250 worldwide, and then we have the even more rare, Borders exclusive Raging Red one, limited to only 500 worldwide! Once again, thanks mate, and if anyone doesnít have games Iím looking for in the Trading Forums, if you can find DOMO related stuff, we still may have a deal! ^_^

So, first up we have an 8Ē DOMO that I got from Newbury Comics, of which Senisan82 and rawnewdlz were so kind to take me to in Boston. Heís bigger and possibly badder than his smaller relatives, and is limited to only 800! DOMO SMASH! =3

Now begins the swag haul. We start off with Blue, Purple, and Red Gem Pins from Puzzle Quest 2. There were only a very limited number of Purple (a new color for the game) Gem Pins, and you could only get them if you matched up with 2 other people of the same color pin youíre initially given. I managed to kind of beat the system to get 2 colors to double my chances, so that was sweet. The Civilization V Notebook and Pen was a lot harder to get, as you had to sign up for a special preview screening/demo of the game, and was only given to those who attended the hourly showings. We have a Rooms: The Main Building Slider Puzzle that I snagged from the Hudson booth, as well as DeathSmiles and Bit.Trip Runner Pins I got from the Aksys booth.

I know theyíre just bags and all, but they were cool! =P We have a Pokťmon HeartGold and SoulSilver Gym Bag from the Nintendo booth, along with a Rockstar Bag that had promo materials in them, and finally a Fangamer bag as well. They were actually all high quality and nice bags to use!

We start off with some Magic: The Gathering cards that everyone got in their PAX East swag bag, of which Iíve already given away. We also have a Bayonetta tattoo, some random Fangamer Pins that one of the guys at the booth just gave me, a Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Beanie that one of the Frag Dolls gave me, the Star Legend Pins from Fangamer (theyíre based off my favorite game, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars), a Mario Pipe Sticker, and a Deca Sports DS Bandana.

Donít look now Y0j1mb0, but here is my wave of t-shirts and all. First up is a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 shirt, followed by a Power Gig: Rise of the SixString shirt, which is apparently based off a game where you can use a real guitar instead of a fake plastic one to play games.

Here we have a Turbine shirt that I believe had some The Lord of the Rings and Dungeons & Dragons stuff on the back of it, and then we have a Monday Night Combat one.

Our super kickass Community Manager, the shark himself, Hamza, had a bunch of extra ďBecomeĒ Destructoid t-shirts he was giving up. The only problem though, was that they were all XL . . . >_<

So, whoever makes The Lord of the Rings Online must really need people to play their game, since at PAX 2009 I got a free copy of the regular version, and at PAX East I got myself a Collectorís Edition of the game, for free of course. Next you see a few of the Fangamer Product Foldouts of all the stuff they were selling, which were just pretty cool by themselves. Thereís also a Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands iPhone Case and then finally thereís a The One Ring Necklace and Pouch from The Lord of the Rings.

This was DOMOís favorite thing we managed to snag . . . BACONNAISE! How could you possibly say no to something so heavenly and all? I got this from the Monday Night Combat booth and still donít really know why they had them there.

Now we have some Frobot Papercraft and the game was actually pretty good and all. Too bad Iíve got my stance about not getting stuff that doesnít have a physical copy and all . . . =( Then thereís the Rockstar and Red Dead Redemption stickers, and once again, Rockstar proves they have some of the sweetest swag and all, as in the box on the bottom of the picture, we have a gold Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Baby Spoon.

Hereís a bunch of Metal Gear Solid stuff I picked up from Fangamer for my homeboy possumwrangler. We have the Special Forces Messenger Bag, Solid Pin Set, Exclamation Mark, Cardboard Box Papercraft, and a Special Forces Dog Tag. Man, Fangamer is totally the like coolest site/group of people now.

So, some of you may know that sylphx helped me enormously in doing my video for the contest in the first place, so I got him some Chrono Trigger stuff, which is like his favorite game. Here we have a Chronometer T-Shirt, Pin, a Gears-like Pin, and an Epoch sticker. Thanks again dude!

Now we have the Press Asset Disk that I got from the TopWare Interactive guys for Two Worlds II, some Blackberry Skin that has the Beatles on it, and my signed PennyTrot comic by famed cartoonist Bill Amend (creator of FoxTrot) that unfortunately smudged a little . . . =(

So, from the stores that had a booth setup selling games, I managed to snag stuff before other people got in, and came away with these goodies. I got Avalon Code and Lux-Pain on DS. The kickass thing about Lux-Pain was that it was like the USA exclusive one where it had the shiny slipcover and the art book with it! Ummm . . . long box Tekken? Hells yeah! Those are hard to come by and I got it for kickass deal, along with Tekken 2 and Time Crisis.

The King of Fighters 2000/2001 is for that totally uncool and super lame guy who hosts a lot of community tournaments with great prizes and really hates The King of Fighters series . . . Wry Guy. Then thereís a free USB Car Charger I got from the game booth, along with a brand new sealed Sega Dreamcast VMU, and a Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Voucher I forgot to put into the swag pictures.

Hereís a Mafia II Poster I got for playing the demo and all, of which the 2K Games people were somewhat being super lame about giving them out and all.

Finally, hereís a Red Dead Redemption Poster that is hella sweet and just badass.

Well, thatís my PAX East haul folks. In my view, not bad, but wasnít overly as good as I wanted it to be. There was still some super sweet stuff and all, but regardless, it was a good time and Iíve got to start working on my next blog and all right now, which Iím still deciding if itíll be the forever coming JoeCamNet edition, a console edition, or more games from like the past 2 Ė 3 months. Stay tuned to find out! Latez mates!
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