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Persona 3 FES: My Journey


This blog will contain spoilers!

I have decided that I put this blog off for far to long and that now is the time to write it. With the upcoming release of Persona 3 PSP I feel I wanted to share with you the Destructoid community my journey through Persona 3 FES, When Persona 3 was released I did not have a PS2 at the time but I really wanted to play it. The one factor that caught my attention was the fact that to summon their Personas they had to shot themeselves in the head needless to say I had to play this game. Well I finally got around to buying a PS2 but everywhere I went they only had Persona 3 FES in stock so I ended up buying that instead of the orignal. I had no idea what lay ahead of me since prior to this I had never played a Atlus game let alone a Persona game. I powered up my PS2 and popped the disc and was ready to take my first steps into the world of Persona 3.

The first thing that I love about the game was the music, I listen to the music all the time, I am actually listening to it right now while writing this blog. Walking around Gekkoukan High and listening to the up beat pop song playing was amazing and the opening to the game has to be one of my favorite openings ever. All the music just fits so perfectly in the game, hearing the battle theme for the first time just really got me excited to battle these shadows. Even each locations music just fit so well, from Paulownia Mall to the dorm every just blended so well. I mean I could really picture the music from Paulownia playing in the mall by my house. Just hearing certain songs when I am not playing the game, I can remember what was happening and what I was doing in the game.

I will admit I am a RPG freak and have a bad habit of playing more the one at time but something about P3 made it different then other RPG's I had play. Thinking about it was all the characters that inhabit Port Island, everyone was so fleshed out and so different from each other. I really felt a connection with the members of SEES and I wanted to see how this journey was going to end. I did do a fangirl freak out when first seeing Akihiko since I have a huge thing for bishounens. Also laughing a bit on the inside seeing how much more mature Ken is to Junpei. While playing as Toya, this is what I named the him the first time around and during my second play through named him Minato, I wanted him to be the nice guy and try to be friends with everyone. Honestly I feel like I did accomplish that during my first playthrough and I was very happy about that.

I really had such a great time with the social links and learning about the minor characters in Persona 3. On my first playthrough I missed a lot but the ones I did complete were all interesting and sometimes sad in there own way. The one social link I felt really sad about was the girl at the shrine, seeing as she really didn't understand why her parents had to get a divorce and the fact that her parents were complete asses about it but in the end it was bittersweet. In my first playthrough I had Yuko as my girlfriend, she had a very sweet personality and the event in her link where very cute. Since I already had Yuko as my girlfriend since I maxed out the link I didn't try to max out any other of the girl links since I thought if I got caught it would reverse the link I had with Yuko but I found later that wasn't the case. I learned that once you max out a link it can't broken and in order to get all the girls just work on one at a time so they all don't get mad at you and the link reversed. I still find that funny that you can have like six girlfriends at a time.

This blog can get really long but I am going to now just start writing about major plot points and other huge experiences I had in the game. I think the above paragraphs give you the general idea about how I feel about the game but from this point on I will be talking about how I felt during certain parts in the game.

Tartarus, Nyx, and The End.

Upon watching the school transform into Tartarus I was in awe and really could not wait to start exploring. A lot of times it really did overwhelm me and made me nervous at other times because I knew I only had a certain amount of time to reach the top. Some things along the way made me scared that I wouldn't be able to accomplish that and that was mainly the floor bosses. Some of those shadows were a huge pain in the ass. I encountered one boss and stopped playing the game because I was so frustrated that I couldn't beat them. I eventually did and felt a great sense of accomplishment by doing that. When the final month came around the final floor had opened I was ready to conquer it all. Going through all the floors trying to level up my team and defeating the shadow boss to get to the final area made in anxious to no end. All the floors in Tartarus I had conquered had all lead up to this point, it was almost time to face Nyx and save the world. Each time I defeated a boss I felt that much closer and much that much more excited about reaching the top.

I reached the top and now all I could do was wait until Nyx arrived and prepare to kick it's ass. During the final battle and having to encounter Takaya and Jin made me upset, I just wanted these two get out of my way, I had the entire world to save. I kicked their asses but after listening to them after I did, I felt sorry for them. Forced into using a persona because some people fucked up and they wanted it cleaned up. I made my way to the top and was prepared to face Nyx and save the world. I must say seeing the face of Ryoji was indeed a bit sad knowing I had to kill Nyx and in doing so killing him in order to save the world. I went into battle and was nervous so many thing were running through my head. Knowing that the people in the world wanted to die because they couldn't handle the world anymore and now Nyx was here to being that to them but it was up to my friends and I to stop that and show the world death is not the answer.

I kicked Nyx's ass and saved the world but then I was thrown off guard when it wasn't over. Nyx was still there and ready to destory everything, I was in tears thinking it was the end and all the trials we have been through were for nothing. Until I saw Toya stand up and enter Nyx and was going to try to stop Nyx no matter what. I teard up a bit as I saw Toya shed a single tear as he was flying towards the heart. I was so nervous since I had no idea what to do, I was low on health, couldn't attack Nyx and couldn't use any items. Then all the friends I had made and the members of SEES were their to back me up and not let Nyx take over the world. Hearing their voices made me personally tear up and I was ready to seal away Nyx with the help of my friends. I sealed away Nyx and saved the world, I watched and cry as I saw Toya emerge alive from his battle and ready to begin a normal life with his friends.

Then the final cutscene showed and I was filled with sadness, after the final battle everyone forgot each other and didn't remember anything except for Aigi. I felt her pain as she knew what had happened but no one else did. I sat their wonder what was going to happen, then Agis took me to the roof top and we waited for everyone. Then I remember everyone agreed to meet somewhere after the battle was over to remember everything that had happened and be reunited one more time. As Mitsuru spoke and she said that he father died of a illness, I was sad that she didn't remember but then she remember and everyone else did to in the middle of a school assembly. Seeing Mitsuru jump off the stage was the greatest thing ever and I smiled and felt extremely happy. Everyone went to the roof and everyone was there to see what we had saved even though nobody else remembered. I was honestly sad and in tears knowing that Toya would never be able to see what he had saved since he gave up his life to save everyone so they can all live.

Shinji and Chidori's Death

Upon first meeting Shinji I really didn't know how to react to him. He was a very interesting character no doubt, one reason I think that is because he never gave out to much information about him or his personal life. He was just a badss and would kick some ass if need be. Then I found out that during a operation he lost control of his power and killed Ken's mom in the process, I was a bit in shock. I had a bad feeling about it when Ken found out and started to act all weird. Then a night of an operation happened and neither Shinji nor Ken could be found that bad feeling I had went from bad terrible, I knew something was going to happen and was afraid to find out. After the operation was complete it was time to see what was going on between Shinji and Ken and by that time I was extremely nervous and scared. Ken started to say that it was now time to avenge his mom and kill Shinji for what he did, I kept saying no over and over in my head. Shinji couldn't help it and then I realized that is why Shinji was the way he is, he accidently killed her and felt horrible about it but Ken wasn't by it all.

Now Takaya showed up and all I was thinking was, oh crap not these douche bag. Next Takaya starts talking about death and how he was going to kill both of them right there and now. I was on the edge of my couch not knowing what was going to happen. The Takaya pulls out a gun and shot a oncoming Shinji who was trying to stop him, I was in shock and couldn't believe what I just saw but then things went from bad to worse. Takaya pulled the gun on Ken and was about to shoot him but then Shinji takes the bullet for him. I was dropped the controlled from my hand and stared at the tv in shock and sadness. Shinji just saved Ken's life and the cost of his and told him to live his life out and this is who thing should be. Shinji was dead, gone, not coming back at all, I couldn't believe it. This character who I knew very little about and now will never got to know him. After that I saved my game and turned it off, I had to think about this and started to tear up because I really wanted to get to know this character but now I couldn't. I never felt like that before in a game and had to sit and think about what just happened since I felt like a friend of mine just died.

After the death of Shinji I went through the game with a bit of sadness and really didn't want anything like that to happy again but I was in for a ride all over again. I must say the relationship development of Junpei and Chidori really made me think. The interaction was so interesting with Junpei being a goofball and falling for Chidori who is somewhat defensive and cold. When Chidori didn't want Junpei to see her anymore I really wanted to know why since she opened up to him so much and Junpei really matured because of her. The fight with Chidori came and I really did not want to fight her at all and it seemed it this fight she was fighting her feelings and it was just a sad battle. Like always Takaya and Jin show up and start spewing their bullshit and how that Chidori deserves to die because of what she did. Takaya pulls out a gun and aims for Chidori then Junpei takes the bullet for her.

I started crying again, I couldn't take another friend of mine dying so soon. The with the help of Chidori's person she brings Junpei back to life but with that she ends her own. During that dream sequence she starts talking about her she started to fear death because she didn't want to leave Junpei alone in this world. At this point the tears started rolling down my cheeks. That she loved him so much she gave up her life for him and he did the same but she wanted him to live on and keep her in his heart. I was so moved by that and from that point on in the game Junpei was more determined then ever to save the world and live on for Chidori's sake.

Ikutsuki's Betrayl

I really liked Ikutsuki since we all know someone like him that is always telling bad jokes and puns. He seemed like a very interesting guy and really wanted to stop the Dark Hour. He really knew a lot about the situation and always wanted to help out SEES. So when he betrayed SEES and killing Mitsuru's father, I felt betrayed and was so pissed that these guy was a complete jackass and all the jokes and smiles were just a front. What bothered me even more was he know all of these from the first time I meet him in the game, he knew what he was doing and didn't feel sorry about it. That he wanted to bring about the Fall and save the world, I just couldn't believe it at all. Then I started to think back and wondering if there was any signs that he was going to betray the team but there wasn't. He hid his plans so well you couldn't tell anything beside he was a happy go lucky guy and told some really bad jokes. When I started playing a second time and I meet him again, I didn't feel the same and knowing what I knew. That he was just bullshitting behind that smile, I felt upset and angry and he hadn't done anything yet. The only other character I strongly don't like beside him is Seymour from Final Fantasy X, these two share the top spot of most hated video game character list I have in my end.


Upon meeting Agis for the first time I really did not like her at all. She seemed like some creepy stalker robot and it just bothered me alot. Something I didn't like is how she was always saying I want to be by your side forever and various other creepy stalker sayings. Progressing through the game she did tone down the whole creeper vibe but I still didn't like her. Then pops in Ryoji and her on the brigde, I had no idea what was going on then after the battle she explained everything. I was surprised that she sealed away death in Toya 10 years ago and forgot about it since she was so badly damaged in their previous battle. That is why she wanted to protect and be by Toya's side is because she just wanted to protect him from death. From this point on I really started to like Aigis, she wasn't that creepy robot but a person her really cared for Toya and just wanted to protect him and be with him forever. She finally realized why she was made and she was so happy that she was now able to tell Toya in her own words that she truly cared for him and that this feelings weren't from a robot but from her "heart". In all honestly I never seen a character develop like Aigis did and now she is one of my favorite characters ever from a video game.

Final thoughts

I am glad that I picked up Persona 3 FES and I now tell everyone I know that it is was one the best games I have ever played and that everyone should play it just to experience it's amazing story. For me I don't hold many game in high places but Persona 3 FES joins that select list with Ocarina of Time and Final Fantasy X. I love everything about Persona 3 FES from its amazing soundtrack, to the characters that inhabit Port Island, the emotions it evokes and it's deep story that had me thinking about many things after I finished the game. In all honestly I feel that Persona 3 FES helps that video games aren't just for kids, even games can have great stories just like books and movies and that games can evoke so many different emotions in people that make them think. I am currently in my second playthrough and clocking in around 200 hours and with the Persona 3 PSP just around the corner, I can say I am ready to jump back into Port Island with a new character and experience a whole new side to Persona 3.
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