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Kill the Past, Pt 2: The Killer7

So.... yeah. I was doing this countdown thing at one time for this game that came out a long time ago.

Suffice to say, it kinda fell through.

However! Those dark days end now! I have finally cleared up my schedule enough to continue my epic and winding journey into the mind of Suda 51's creations! Today, I continue my exposť into the "Kill the Past" story line into the most well know, and probably the most divisive, game Suda ever made: Killer7.

Name: MASK de Smith
Age: 38
Weapon: Two grenade launchers by the name of Dream All Day
Title: --Killer7's Man of Justice--

MASK de Smith is a 38-year-old American assassin, and the most destructive, as well as the most kind-hearted member of the Killer7. His tall imposing demeanor is aided by his bizarre costumes (ranging from business suits to wrestling outfits), his luchadore masks, his grenade launchers and cape. These all belie his actual nature, though, as Mask is a lover of children and animals and is very contemplative about the actions the Smith Syndicate is taking. As a former wrestler, Mask has earned some amazing abilities, such as headbutting bullets. This of course allows him to take much more damage than any of the other personalities.

And that's the main crew! There are many, many other characters though, and I will get in to them later, as well as revealing more secrets about the main Killer7 group as we go. Stay tuned for my in depth analysis of the name coming soon! Also keep your eye out for my next countdown for Red Dead Redemption coming soon!
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