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Back with More Pixelated Creations


I haven't post any of my art in a long time and I thought today would be good as any. I've been experimenting with a lot of pixel art pieces from this site - Card Gallery Tales. And while I think the pieces look amazing, nothing has sold yet in my store. Boo.

Link and Navi

Prince from Katamari Damacy



I have also been making new items for customers like Ghost Pirate LeChuck from Monkey Island 1 and Kratos. LeChuck glows in the dark.

Ghost Pirate LeChuck


I also created some new tiny key chains in the form of a Gameboy, Super Nintendo controller and Joystick.

Gameboy Key Chain

Joystick Key Chain

Super Nintendo Key Chain

Finally I made purple tentacle from Maniac Mansion.

Purple Tentacle

Some of these items are available in my store, Pixelated Creations right now but others have a bigger destiny like Spiderman or Link for example. I plan to make a bigger art piece with them which includes a friend or two. But custom requests are always available, so don't hesitate to ask for items if you don't see them listed.
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