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Dtoid New York's 2nd Anniversary Party on May 15th with Karaoke


Ladies and Gentlemen of New York and New Jersey, we are proud to present the next great meetup of DTNY and it is to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. We will be celebrating in the best way that we know how by hitting up the streets of NYC for some random fun during the day and during the evening we will be singing till our lungs give out.

We will be meeting up in both the afternoon and the evening so feel to come when you can. Please leave a comment below if you plan on coming to the May 15th meetup because I want to have an accurate count of how many people are coming so that I can plan accordingly.

If you have any further info or need someone to contact for the event, please contact power-glove via the main or forum PM system for more info on the event.

Also, if I am a betting man, that song will be sung during our gathering at some point.
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