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[ SSFIV - Host: ME. or as I'm known on PSN:k0wb0y-b33b0p - 11PM to BEYOND System - PS3 ]

This shouldn't come as a surprise. Except I'll be there trying to kick your butt with Dudley. I've been practicing. Not quite there but pretty proficient. Anybody want to take this old man down a peg. Tonight might be your best shot. Join me gentlemen.

TO EVERYONE: due to the possible overload of awesomeness that is SSFIV these lobbies may be filled. Leave your PSN/Gamertag below if you are willing to partake and be a stand by host. See you in the streets.

[ Bloggers note: I have taken some liberties with the 360 crowd as far as hosts but I can pretty much assure you all of them will be playing SSFIV tonight. Also I'm quite sure Elsa will be playing MAG and strange people who don't know better will be playing something else like Battlefield Bad Company 2. If that interests you, leave a comment below so like minded individuals see it and play with you. Weirdos. ]

This FNF post was brought to you by Podsumaki. The premiere podcast of all things Super Street Fighter IV and beyond. Listen to this shit now.
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