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Tubaticisms 4-30-2010: Canabalt, Coffee, Demon's Souls and Makoto


This time, its personal.

Runners- You know how all these games are coming out where your character auto runs and you're expected to jump or slide to avoid obstacles. I really like those. They're kind of turning into a genre, and they're fast becoming one of my favorite genres. I keep going back into Canabalt on my iTouch. Its just that fun. Bit Trip's runner comes out this *month (5/17!), and we're clearly able to have bad entries, like Tune Runner (its crap. seriously.) They're kind of like shmups in a way. You're not spending hours infront of a runner, necessarily. But you're still getting this tight gamey experience. I'm really inspired, as a "i-say-i'm-going-to-make-a-game-but-haven't" game maker. Tubatic Runner is slated for 2012. Watch out for it.

Demon's Souls- One of my co-workers finally finished Demon's Souls, and I'm borrowing his copy.


Everyone raved about this game, but I absolutely wasn't trying to hear it. Now that I've played a little bit of it, I'm sorry I didn't pay attention earlier. Holy wow! I like a good challenge and robust systems, and that's exactly what you've got in Demon's Souls. If ever there was a game made for the hardcore, old school gamer that doesn't want a game to just walk you from A to B, this game is it. I've started as a Wanderer, and its like I have a samurai with a shield. Freaking great so far.

Super Street Fighter IV- Attention PS3 fighters: I've switched platforms and I'm ready to take you on! ::crickets::

So, ok, I suck at fighters and I'm most likely not in league with the likes of the legendary combatants on this site. But I'm training up, and will give you a run for your money before you totally win!

Regarding the game itself, I'm lovin it. I'm falling for Makoto and her ultra-bland kung fu style. Her target combos are killer and she's the first character that I've felt comfortable NOT jumping around like a ninny with. The rest of the new characters are amazing as well. (wtf hakan? Dude's nasty...)

MAG-To round out my PS3 acquisition trifects, GameFly sent me MAG. I haven't torn that one open yet, but I'm looking forward to enjoying some late-to-the-party play. Between this and SSFIV, I need to invest in a headset...

Coffee- This Tubaticism was brought to you by caffiene of all forms. Being a best man, working 10 hour days, actually playing tuba for the first time in months and participating in the world of gaming and community (ZOMG STRAWBERRY YES!), sweet sweet power drug has kept me from nodding off in the middle of any of it.

Yo, subscribe to me on Twitter- So at some point, I'm going to step up my writing/musing/tinkering game, having come to the realization that doing so can have a positive effect on my actual career aspirations (I'd like to be Anthony Burch when I grow up), I'm about to Muse Hard once the smoke clears these next few weeks. The souls of Followers give me strength, so feel free to add me on twitter (@davebell3) and watch me quip about games on my coffee break. Its like Tubaticisms Lite!

Stay Frosty, dtoid.
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