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Thoughts of a First Time Street Fighter Owner

[Disclaimer: This blog does not represent the views or opinions of Enkido as he exists in a sane state and he cannot be held responsible for the content expressed in this article. For real, he knows not what he is getting into. Also, cocks.]

So recently I, and I'm sure many other people, bought the latest entry into the Street Fighter series, Super Street Fighter IV for the PS3. Fair warning, this is the very first Street Fighter game I have ever owned, and in fact my first time playing it when I got it represented the fourth time I have ever played a Street Fighter. Why would I get it then? That is an excellent question and I am sorry to disappoint you, but I don't really have an answer. I have never been that into fighting games. I had played them sure, but when I say I've played fighting games, I am talking about Dead or Alive and Naruto: Ninja Storm (I know, for shame, feel free to decry me in the comments). I figured that since the fine members of Destructoid hold it in such high regard, it may be time to graduate to a respectable fighter. That said, at $40 dollars the price was right to pressure me into a fit of capitalism that would make Smith and Keynes proud.

On an unrelated note, does Keynes look like someone you would trust with money?

With the origin story out of the way I suppose it is time to wade through my thoughts, bring a radiation suit, or at the very least a strong drink with one of those little umbrellas in it. The first thing I noticed when I opened the game was the manual. When I first started visiting Destructoid, I came across this article, and since I have taken more of a notice. As for SSFIV, good god, have you seen that thing, it puts most manuals from recent memory to shame. I remember when I got MAG and the manual was like fifteen pages, not nearly enough to teach you everything you had to know to play the game. I'm sure that this was not a problem with SSFIV, as the manual was something like 53 pages long. I can't be sure of that however, because like every other hot blooded gamer, I noticed the heft of the manual and promptly put it to the side and started playing, bringing us to our next thought.

I don't have a Genie

Holy Hell, I am in way over my head. I don't mean like "well, I have never really played so I can only get better" over my head, I'm talking 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea type stuff, with lead weights chained to my ankles. I put the game in the system and get to the menu. I figure arcade is a good place to start so select it on medium, because only pansies play on easy (too soon?), and choose random. I end up with Makoto, and win the first round by virtue of mashing on the face buttons in a way I am guessing is not dissimilar from a test monkey. Regardless, I move on to the second match with a similar result.

I begin to think that this is not so bad, that maybe I could enjoy playing this game. Well the third fight begins and before I could realize what had happened I was having my ass handed to me on a styrene plate (a silver platter would have been to generous). After several matches that sent my ass-whoopin' insurance premium through the roof I made it past the third fight. The rest of the fights blend together in a potent mix of shattered dreams and crushed ego, neither of which are very palatable, and I don't believe I finished. Since then, I practiced and became better, to the detriment of my schoolwork I might add, and can make it through arcade mode. So I decided to challenge my roommates, which again moves this stream of consciousness forward.

My roommates are jerks. I began playing against one of my roommates, just picking random and trying to find a character I liked to play as. The only problem is I didn't get much time to practice with any of them as the rounds were swiftly ended, just about every time with my characters face in the dirt. I figured I should try another of my roommates. The other one I played with is actually very good at fighting games and so I figured he could give me some tips and maybe help me find a character I like. There is only one problem with that idea though. He used to play competitively, a fact he forgot to mention, and as soon as he hears the announcer say fight he basically transcends. So I am basically sitting next to the closest thing to a deity as he levitates about a foot off our couch while he proceeds to preemptively crush any hopes I had of beating him.

I hate Juri so much.

Well I finally managed to settle on a character. I am sure your all dying to know, so I guess I'll tell you. Dudley is definitely my character of choice. I like both the way he fights and his actual character as a whole. The perfect English gentleman, I really like the way he handles and he does good damage. I have started to learn some of his combos and can combo into a super or ultra, although not always dependably yet. I also really like his counter move, which I can do dependably. Which actually brings me to this.

There is something I can't help but notice about Dudley. First of all watch the counter in this video at around 1:28. Go ahead I'll wait.

Okay now that that's taken care of, did you see the sparkle in his eye? Well tell me that that doesn't remind you of this.

I'll let that sink in for a second... You good? Mind blown? Alright. He reminds me a lot of Armstrong. He has the same mustache, he fights with his fists, and if you at his hair he even has that little curl thing as part of his haircut. I can't help but notice every time I play him.

I guess I've been rambling for long enough so I guess I'll end with some quick thoughts. I also kind of like playing Makoto and have been practicing with her a bit too. There are a couple others that I like but I haven't had time to play with all the characters yet and Makoto and Dudley are the two that I like so far. Also, I am using the PS3 controller, and while better than the 360 controller I am still thinking about getting an arcade stick, if any of you could recommend a certain kind, I would appreciate it.

Well that about does it, if your looking for a match, or a punching bag, just let me know, my PSN is Enkido-Dono, and I may be there for FNF, knowing Yojimbo I'm sure it will be an event. Remember though I am very new at this, so please, be gentle.
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