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An open letter to Reverend Anthony Burch


In 2006, a good friend of mine showed me the Destructoid review of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Some douche-nozzle gave it a 4.0. Twilight Princess was my game of the year. This man is obviously insane. To give some context, 2006 was one of my last remaining years as a die-hard Nintendo fanboy. That included disregarding the opinions of those who disagreed with me. This "Reverend Anthony" shouldn't be working for a game site, let alone as a reviewer.

The next year, I had started to leave that fanboy mindset, and around October, I was looking for a new site to visit. Dtoid fit the bill. By that point I had started to pay more attention to Anthony, and over the course of the next few years, realized how outstanding he was. The thought-provoking Rev Rants, legitimately funny HAWP videos, his insight into the indie scene, and how much he managed make himself known on the site. This was not a man who simply liked games. This was a man who understood their advantages, knew how they worked, what made them great, and how they could be better. This was a man who knew games inside and out. He could speak to the masses about thought-provoking design, and they would listen, because he was usually right. A man deserving of the term Reverend if I ever saw it.

To be honest, Anthony, you've had more influence on this site and its people than any other editor, and you're quite possibly the greatest game critic I've ever known. I am more than happy to have had a respect for you on the same level as a new Mario or Zelda, and coming from a former Nintendo Fanboy, that means a lot. I think I speak for all of us when I say that you're not just an editor, you're a goddamn hero. This site will not be the same without you and I don't think I'd trade the time I've known you for anything in the world right now.

So, I guess there isn't much left for me to say, except for, "Best regards for your new job and congratulations on your engagement. And if you ever need somewhere else to go, we'll always have a place for you here."

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