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E is for Effort = Reward? A Cunning Blog presents...


With Paypal and psychotic Chinese Gold-Farm operations becoming far more accessible and far more lucrative, there is no easy solution to this situation. It is going to continue. Which companies maintain a hardline policy against such activities as apposed to those who will capitulate or soften their approach will be interesting to see in the coming years.

The giants (Blizzard, Activision etc) can afford to be stubborn. But what of the developers of
smaller-scale �freebie� games? Revenue of any type (subscription, advertising, micro-transaction) is crucial in remaining both prominent and afloat, let alone successful.

But ultimately the choice will be ours. It�s our dollar, our cash. And while many will whine and complain that those with the extra money will be getting an �unfair advantage�, isn�t it just as easy to say �life is unfair�? Should the game world be exempt from economic circumstance? That�s a discussion for another time, I suspect.
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