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Back to Basics Art Blog 3: Burning up Pencils

I suppose with the third edition of this diggety, I should make a confession about it's alternative purpose. At any given time, I know 3-5 people who say "I can't draw." To which I typically say "Just F'ing draw and you'll get there." So while I do have skills, I want to improve and hopefully tracking these images can show them where progress occurs. They need only to apply themselves.

Two Marcus Fenix's, a random (I call him Boris), and a clown prince of crime. Sadly, several aspects seem "off." Couldn't get Marcus's head fat enough, some symmetry issues on Joker.

Going forward, here's some things to expect from this blog. First off, a general decrease in output while an increase in quality, aka, much more rendered heads. Each week I also plan to do at least one page of features. It looks like Ears is next up on the agenda.
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I suppose since one of my stories has been promoted, I'm on the spot to get off my lazy ass and describe myself. I'm a 3D modeler working on Flight Simulators by day, a doodlin nerd by night. I try to remain without system biases but let's face it, no one can do that. I do want to apologize for some of my terrible grammar. I'm hoping to correct this issue as time goes on. I want to get better.

As to which games games I'm into, which ones am I not into is a more apt question. I'm a collector with a fairly massive collection. And, maybe as time rolls on, I'll fill more of this out.
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