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Podsumaki Episode 03 Records Tonight

Hey, folks! Podsumaki, Destructoid's unofficial fighting game podcast here. We're going to be accepting listener questions and guest hosts for tonight. Tonight's episode is going to be about tournaments in general, especially ones regarding the upcoming Supah Stareeto Fightah. Whether you've been in one or not, it's only our main discussion topic. If you simply have a love for the fightans there's a good chance we'd like to have you on the show regardless. In particular if you have some knowledge to help fill in our own gaps that's appreciated. BlazBlue players in particular are something we could use to help fill in the holy Capcom, SNK, Arksys trinity.

In general we actually have a few ways you can contribute to the show:

1) Submit a listener question.

2) Submit a derogatory haiku (see our banner.)

3) Request a subject for Fightans Education, where we try to educate someone about fighting games. Last time we discussed FADC in Street Fighter IV. Do keep in mind that we can only answer what we know, but fire away on suggestions.

4) Request to be on the show as a guest host.

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Due to a low episode count there won't be a July Music Contest. Senisan and MatCD have won the June contest. We'll be re-vamping the rules come next time we do this.

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