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The easy way out.

I read the first few paragraphs of some random article that somebody I don't care about wrote. He stated a question, whats more important, quality of a game, or difficulty of a game. He continued and said, before you say quality, how many times have you complained a game was to easy?

I though about this... And I haven't. Most games nowadays you can choose a difficulty. So the standard is normal, which I usually pick. But sooner or later, I get annoyed at one point cause that prick keeps killing me. I keep trucking on that difficulty, as I though, what kind of gamer would I be to choose anything easier? I think I may have been to shallow as a gamer really.

I was watching my boyfriend play Call of Duty one day. Go figure the difficulty he choose to play on was easy. I was like wtf is he doing, what kind of craziness is this? So I asked him, while calling him weak... Well not really, but that would be funny. He basically said, he doesn't find it particularly fun dieing, and playing on easy, you prolly won't die. I thought hard about this, I think I understood his point. I mean like I said before, how many times have I got annoyed on normal? More then once.

Harder just usually means more badguys, and they take longer to kill... Really what else could there be to increase the difficulty? I don't particularly play games to shoot guys, well unless the game is just about shooting guys, then that a lot of fun. But not every game out there is Gears of War or Left4Dead. Games like Mass Effect and Bioshock, do they really need a difficulty setting when the game is based around a great story and entire focus is not on killing? Yes theres a lot of killing in Bioshock, but the story is where its at.

Anyways, after that talk with him, I decided to just play games on easy. It was going well, I wasn't getting annoyed. Now no particular games come to mind right now, but its been stress free gaming so far for me. I already have enough stress in life, I don't need stress in games...

Then I decided to play Bioshock, and I was like hey, why not play on normal again? I played for two hours and said aloud, fuck this. I just started again on easy and I am having some great fun. I want to be able to shoot bees out of my hands while the guy behind me wrenching my head doesn't kill me.

In the end though, I do not believe there should be a choice in game difficulty. I like games that progress in challenge throughout and don't give you an option. Thats rare however, and the future is choose your difficulty! Its okay though, as long as I can choose easy, its good. Now I know a lot of gamers may see this as weak or lame. I never play online, so I can't kick your ass... But just because I don't enjoy being flanked, doesn't mean I'm not awesome. My aim is real stelar, and my jumps are perfect, so I'm sure I would do very good in the end.

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I started out with an NES, but thats not where it stopped. My dad later bought an SNES. By then me and my two brothers were heavy into games and begged our mother to buy us an N64. I will never forget how awesome Super MArio 64 was and the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. After that we begged my mother for a gamecube. By now I was playing video games the most and could beat my brothers hands down at anything.

I got a job. I started to buy my own games and systems from there. My brothers had fallen out of the video game scene and I was the kid no one wanted to play video games with. I bought myself a Wii and soon after an XBox360, future plans are with a PS3 as well. On top of th I haved owned every Nintendo portable system... besides a Virtual Boy.

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