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E for Effort: "The Number One Free Multiplayer Game"



You have taken your first steps in to a bold new world. It won't be easy and you may struggle at first but before long, you will be slaying dragons, demons and the minions of ancient God's. Your abilities will increase and with that, you will become a better player. You will be able to wield the most powerful weapons and cast lethal spells that encase your enemies in a block of ice.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to Runescape - The Guiness World Record acknowledged "Number One Free Multiplayer Game".

What!? I don't want to read about some lame web-based multiplayer game! They all suck!

Maybe so, dear reader but at the same time, does that not raise the question of how a game that started off looking like this:

Has led to the creation of a game that has obtained over one million subscribers as of 2007?

To justify my argument, I must explain how I became one of those million subscribers many years ago. As a child/young teenager, I was fairly unknowledgable when it came to technology and videogaming, as were my parents. I wouldn't say I lived a sheltered life but I had never really experienced much beyond my Gameboy Pocket and the second-hand PlayStation I inherited from a kindly Uncle. Needless to say, I was far from being a gamer and I didn't really have the resources at my disposal to let my interested in them develop. That was until a conversation I had with a friend from school around the age of 13.

Him: Hey man, have you ever played Runescape? I think you'd like it.
Me: Nah, never heard of it. Besides, my computer totally sucks, bro. You know I can't run anything on that pile o' crap.
Him: Dude, no worries. It's just this internet game and it's completely free. You get to make your own character and shit. It's pretty awesome.
Me: Well...Ok, I guess I'll check it out.

Long story short, I soon found myself engulfed in the greatest game I had ever played in my life. I was the creator of my own destiny and found myself completely lost in a fascinating world. My only ambition was to come home and play this game every day. I wanted to be the best player that the world had ever seen. It even got to a stage where I'd shun socialising with friends in person to play what is effectively a web-based Java game.

However, Eden could only last so long and much like Adam and Eve, I soon found myself cursed for my time in paradise.

After years of playing, I finally began to lose my interest in the most worthless game I had ever played in my life. I was no longer the creator of my own destiny. All that was left of me was a sexually frustrated teenage boy who's pent up hormones were being wasted on fruitless clicking. That's all there is to Runescape.

More clicking.
Did I mention clicking yet?

The days of shunning real friends for web friends became news of old and I finally tore myself away from the hell I now know as "Run Escape!" It truly is the most monotonous game I have ever played in my life. So why is it that I still respect it and why do millions of people still find pleasure in it?

The answer is simple; This is where I, and many others, started our proper venture in to videogames. Through Runescape, I developed a love for the exploration of fictional videogame worlds and the people within it. Before long, I was on Ebay buying old games like Breath of Fire 4 and Final Fantasy 9 for my obsolete PlayStation, until I finally asked my parents for a GameCube one fateful Christmas.

Also, the word 'Community' bears a lot of significance in the game. Whilst the gameplay is completely devoid of any fun, the people I met online are some of the greatest people I've ever met and to this day, I remain in contact with a lot of them. If it hadn't been for Runescape creating a platform for me to meet these people, I might be a completely different person to how I am today. Infact, if it hadn't been for Runescape, I probably would've never been bold enough to try and join such a large community as Destructoid's.

In conclusion, if someone were to ask me, "Would you take back all those years that you wasted away playing a low-spec, monotonous, browser based MMO if you were given the chance?" I think my answer would be clear.

Hell no.
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