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Heroman first impressions

Heroman is an anime set in America. Hoe-ly-shit. Visually, everything is quite really crisp and extremely well animated as expected from studio Bones, if you've seen Eureka Seven then you'll know what I mean. Also, the setting is very refreshing. Gone are the tall buildings and claustrophobic streets of Japan. Also gone are the colors of gray, and black that seem to permeate a lot of animes set in Japan these days. Instead, we get bright colors from green grass to lots of shots of the sky. The sky is actually quite important it seems. It is always bright, bright blue and when shown, it is often shown with very little impediments, making the sky and everything else seem very wide and spacious. I guess this is what the Japanese picture when they think about America, bigness, and it really shows in how they chose to present their shots.

I think that this will be the first time where I will be hoping for a dub version of an anime. While the voices are done well, it is still jarring to see everyone in this idealized America speaking Japanese. Even more jarring is when they sneak in bits of English. The Japanese just can't seem to pronounce the words quite right and it ends up being more detrimental to immersion than helpful.

One thing about Heroman is that it relies a lot on it's beautiful animation. Story wise, its pretty slim as far as I have seen. Boy acquires a robot, gets super powered, proceeds to save people. But the animation is what carries this show. I know it's shallow but people like pretty things and Heroman is no exception. Characters have great facial expressions and there are some transformation sequences that are really beautiful to watch. So basically, it doesn't need a deep story because its really really pretty (drool). Kinda like a blonde jk jk jk.

There are some really cool bits that harken back to old-school, western shows. For example, at the end of each episode you get a sudden TO BE CONTINUED on the screen and yes, it is in English. So awesome.

So in short, Heroman has a simple story because it is pretty and because a show like this doesn't need a complex plot. It is really easy to root for Joey, the protagonist and it is basically a great time. I really recommend Heroman since it is simply FUN to watch.

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