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My Indie Projects - Shameless Self Promotion

I finally uploaded some videos of the few indie game projects I've been involved with.
You can check them out at my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/solivagant
or just view them embedded here:

This is Pocket Bogart, a Detective Adventure for the DS, this is just a demo. I developed it using PAlib, it's a great easy to use library. It's inspired by Ace Attorney and old film noir movies. I wrote a lot of stuff for this, and is my favorite pet project. I'm trying to port it to iPhone. Forgive the fast video, it's a framerate bug.

This is me playing with the game on an actual Nintendo DS. As you can see it runs fine.

This is Flashlight, a platformer multiplayer shooter I made in Python with some friends, for University. If I had the time I'd polish it and make some more levels, it's got a great concept (platforming with darkness with multiplayer) I think.

There you go! Nothing special but I loved working on these concepts. I still got a 3d concept to show you guys but it's nothing to look at, just a mouse picking test with a flaming man walking around.
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