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The beginning

After 9 months of struggle, creating our first game design, prototyping and testing, rewriting it cause it sucks, and starting over, building a business plan, finding the right technology, analyzing the market, meeting with lawyers and accountants, securing funding, finding suitable offices, buying equipment and licenses... we are finally ready to roll.

Luckily for us, people have been very supportive in our ups and downs while we were exploring the obscure french laws of corporate creation. It was a tough path, but we made it through! Huzzah !

Now starts the real hard part, but also the fun one: creating a game.

Let me start by introducing myself, I am Alex, 29 years old, Producer at Brain Candy. Ever since I started working in the games industry 5 years ago, I knew I wanted to head a games studio. Better yet, I knew who I wanted to do it with, as we all shared a common experience.

Working for a large publisher was great, you get to work on large scale games, get to leave your mark in some famous IP, learn a tremendous amount of information, see the do's and don'ts of the industry, watch as a dozen different services interact with each other like some strange insect ecosystem, and slowly see the birth of a video game. But in the end, you are just a worker drone, your impact on the finished product can be minimal, people who had little to no contact with the game get to change it dramatically, and when approaching release, you realize that this is not the product you would have liked to make, it is a mutated child that is only partly what you had envisioned when you started. This is not a rant, this is just how things are done in large companies, the more people intervene, the more the message gets distorted.

This is where Brain Candy comes in. We wanted a small self-sustaining unit of professionals who could create an independent game, without the need for outside funding. Sure, we are not going to make a the next AAA extravaganza, but this is enough to create a fun game with our own personality. We have achieved that goal and are now on the road of creation. Internally, we have our Lead Programmer Robert, our Game Designer and UI specialist David, our 3D Modeler and Animator Max, our IT and network specialist Jean-Jacques, and myself as Producer. To obtain best quality, we will also be working with external specialists in domains such as Concept Art, Sound Design, Modeling and other tasks. I will get into more detail as we move on in our production. We are a very open-minded and friendly team and I will try to get you to know everyone.

Over the next months I will tell you about our game, will share the development process, our ups and downs, I will ask for your opinion for several features and also talk a whole bunch of nonsense. I hope you will enjoy these posts and can't wait to read your feedback.
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