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Videolympics! (Or: I run a game competition among friends so they can drink.)

I'm going to stop your brain with a single picture.

Starting NOW:

(In defunct Zimbabwe Currency.)


Because I'm bored and want to see people play old videogames that never get their chance in tourney play or will never otherwise. Because they're bored and they put up with me submitting them through the process. To have a group of people suffer their way through American Gladiators for the Super Nintendo and the joy on their faces when they realize that "spinny-your-joust-stick-over-the-head" move is the key to victory. Mostly because my friends like to drink and playing video games and drinking among friends make for the best blackmail/times. Because the end result will be awesome.

But mostly, for the GLORY of saying one has earned a spray-painted Shaq-Fu cartidge. It makes a great conversation piece among the insane!

Anyway, I think that's enough dust brushed off on the cblog. I'm going to try and post more here and try to maintain some sort of normalcy. We're going to hang more. We coo'. We 'coo.


Tiebreakers will be determined by Rise of the Robots for the SNES:

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When I'm not doing weird stuff on the internet, I'm doing weird stuff behind or in front a camera. I'm part of the duo who created the sketch comedy group "Channel Z: The Last TV Station" (https://www.thelasttvstation.com/) Some of it has to do with video games!

When I'm not doing either of the two above, I'm planning my war room for when I get rich. It'll look exactly like the room in Wargames and have the game "Defcon" constantly playing at all times. You cannot sway me from this path.
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