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In which a dead horse is further brutalized: My take on Games as Art


I've spent days and weeks of my life studying the history of art. I've examined the birth of Modernism; Impressionism through Abstract Expressionism through Pop and Minimalism and onward; those movements that forced the entire art establishment to re-examine its own assumptions about the nature of artistic expression. I've done lengthy research projects into those really bizarre movements that most average folks probably still have trouble identifying as art, like Dada and Fluxus. I think people like On Kawara and Chuck Close and George Maciunas are total badasses. And though they may be my specialty, I don't mean to imply I only study modern art. Oh no. I spent a month studying Renaissance and Baroque art in Rome last year. I saw the masterworks of Raphael, Michaelangelo, Caravaggio, and Bernini up close. I've put nearly seven hundred years of art history through a fine-toothed fucking comb. No major movement, medium, artist, or idea has escaped my ravenous appetite for the study of art.

I am a gamer. I am an artist. And I am telling you: Videogames are art.
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