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So, I hear Demon's Souls is coming to a certain... Place?


Europe's a country, right?

Whatever. I have advice for all you Europeans out there getting Demon's Souls when it's released for your country.

1. Run headfirst into danger. You'll come out alive.

2. The character creator does not discriminate. everyone is equally ugly.

3. Leave messages for people to read. I leave Sticky White Stuff everywhere. People are too busy dying to recommend it. Hrm.

4. Don't play the game if you're a sissy. World 3 gave me nightmares.

5. Import it. From the U.S. Namco is releasing it, they'll probably let you buy a hundred souls for a few peso's (dollars? What currency do they use?).

So, yes, good luck out there. Post hilarious death videos on Youtube and link me to 'em.
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