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Chris Hu needs your help

Chris "Fascinating" Hu, the man of a thousand quotable lines, has lost everything in a fire. Chris is an avid Street Fighter 4 player who has over a decade of fighting game experience. Losing not only his house but also his and his family's life savings to the fire, Chris is now in need of help.

There are a lot of other sites covering Chris's plite, I just thought that I should spread the word. Chris is pretty much as true a gamer as you can get anywhere. Please, if you have enjoyed free entertainment that he has given via stream commentaries or simply love the personality that he puts in the Street Fighter world, help this guy out. Gamers Assemble!

Story and place to donate: http://shoryuken.com/content.php?r=587-Help-Out-a-Friend-in-Need-Chris-Hu

"You no scare, I no scare."

-Chris Hu

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