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The Ninja's of the Anime/Video Game Club's of School's and College


The term "Ninja's" (Runaway anime, and video game fans)
Is widely used within BMCC, and School's around the city area.w
Borough of Manhattan Community College, The City University of New York.

Is a place of exploration for the young and old.
Every time you aprouch a Ninja, you must take extreme precaution, such as in carying a net, ninja starts, or a box of Pocky.

Now for some odd reason, tons of individuals think that "Anime" stands for just "Animation" in general. Sorry to say which is not true for it has it's own category within the art's, unless you categorize "Anime" with "Disney."
If your the type that enjoys watching Sailor Moon with Peter Pan, well then you must be one very interesting individual.
Also, a lot of people who don't play Video Games consider those who do to quote "Have no lives."
If this statement is true then id rather have no life then be a robot trying to copy the styles of Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga.
Yeah sorry, i don't think id walk around the city looking like this.
I don't want to be mistaken for a Mr. Bubbles mascot.

This is what gives Anime lovers a bad name, as Gwen Stefani all of a sudden has taste for the japanese culture.
Yes i do respect you more then i respect Lady Gaga, but you need to stop yourself for making Japan angry.

And a good vocabulary in knowledge of anime and games.
for you don't want to look like this.

Anyways this guy has balls to dress like this. *thumbs up*

Seems like BMCC's Anime and Video Game population is growing rapidly, but these indaviduals don't want to be seen or be acknowledged within the Community of fans. (they hide)
But now, just recently.
A few Studen't of this priticualar college have invested in a group called The AMV's club.

Anyways these clubs are growing among many school's around the world,
it still seems that these club's only offer so little for those who join.
This years budget for this school was only a lottal of 500 US dollars.
Which only seems to be enough to by snacks for about three months or so, and on top of that they have to rent a room from the school.
They School's only want these rooms used for instructional classes obviously, but who said these things were not "Educational"?
Well the school board of corse!
It is frowned upon to enroll in a club for the ones who join are considered to have a negative social.
There are those who are more open to the ways of there preference in the nerd life.
High School clubs have been cut down, and college clubs are only brought up and live off of those who are strong enough to keep it breathing.
Video Games are more of a threat to parents then to the school board, due to what kind.
Iv seen some that bring in Modern Warfare 2 into there High schools.
As they plug in the system and begin playing, the teacher tells them it's either not allowed or just calls the parent in concern thinking that the next day dressed in army camo, thinking they are on a mission to destroy Metal Gear.
Or dressed as a doctor writing on your english test as you scream combo breaker, while you draw multiple stars with your DS stylus

Is it really so abnormal to want to tap out of reality once in a while?
Are we going back into the era of hiding guilty pleasures of Video gaming, and Anime?
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So, who am i?

I don't even know who i am yet.

hope fully when i am old and sitting in my living room playing Grand Theft Auto 5,000 i will know,
But till then i question this to myself all the time.
I can tell you a few things i do know till then,
Hello, my name is Samantha but everyone calls me Sam for short.
I am a student at BMCC; Borough of Manhattan Community College
The City University of New York.
Majoring in Libral arts and hoping to transfer to Hunter sometime this year to enroll in there culinary program.

I play video games,
Used to work at game stop, i was the stock woman.
I used to hide in the back room and play a mind blowing amount of games for the older gen consoles.
(heheheh, well that was until i walked into something i didn't want to see in the back room 0_0)
Even pc games.
I read way too many comic books, i have fallen In love with DeadPool and Lone.
Read a good amount of Dark Horse comics for i am more into the great grind house qualities they have.
Lots of manga, and watch anime.

Love cosplaying with freinds, i try to do more underground cosplay's though.
You could find me and my friends on

The costume i am most proud of iv done id the
Blade of the Immortal: basket head priest.

And i am planning to do MPD PHYCHO.

List of cosplay's

Zatsubou Sensei
Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei
Char A
In uniform with helmet
Deadman Wonderland
Guilty Gear X
Kagehisa Anotsu
Blade of the Immortal
Basket Head:Priest
Blade Of The Immortal
Seras Victoria
Hellsing T.V Show
Shinji Nishizono (MPD PHYCHO D)
Guilty Gear X

List of con's and events iv been too and still attend

ComicCon (New York City)
Sakura Matsuri
AnimeFest (New York City)

Even do volunteering

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