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Wise Men 2: THE DARNDENING (featuring contest winner!)

Back by popular demand (or rather, a few inspiring comments), I've put together another compilation of bad box art. What wonders will we see today? Also, yesterday's contest winner inside! Woo!

Let's get to it. First off, some bad album art.

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow can stop this man's teeth from giving you nightmares. Now then, box art!

The "Yo Dawg..."

We heard you like box art, so we put some box art in your box art, so you can anime hand pose while you anime hand pose.

The reason I really like this one, though? The nested art still has the company logo, the ESRB rating, and even the region code. I want to know who approved this as a good idea. I really need to shake their hand, as this is the best idea. If I ever see this in a store, I will buy it, just because of the sheer absurdity of it all.

Do any more of these exist? I want more.

The Gamestop, part deux

I can relate to this. Gamestop employee got a game in trade without a case (happens frequently, usually when younger chilrden trade in games). Gamestop employee has an empty store and a generally clean store. Maybe the manager is on shift and the employee wants to look busy. So, let's re-create the Excite Truck box art that is sorely missing. When he's done, out comes this masterpiece.

He even went so far as to add the Wii logo in the top right, and the ESRB rating in the bottom left. Good sir, they're not paying you enough (because they don't pay anyone at Gamestop enough, but especially you).

Just because it's awesome

Yet another one I found while researching for this post. Combined with Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf, we have a LOT of scary golfing on our hands. I'm a bit more scared of ninjas than I am Lee Trevino, though. At first I figured this was a misleading box art example, but then I went over to Wikipedia. Quoting...

The player starts each hole by aiming his ball and shooting it toward the green. He then runs toward the ball, in traditional sidescroller fashion, fighting various enemies encountered along the way. These enemies include other ninjas, gophers, birds, giant mutant frogs, sharks and more.

I would play that so much. So much. Someone remake this and release it on XBLA. I mean, the game is #1! #1 means the best, folks.

The "This didn't get vetted enough. Or maybe it did."

I'm kind of playing dirty pool with this one, I guess. To Wikipedia once again:

Touch Dictionary is a Korean dictionary software title for the Nintendo DS released in 2005. It was once called Touch Dic and met with hilarious comical consequences.

Completely oblivious to phallic innuendo, or a toilet humor joke they can pass off as "a mistake"? I report, you decide.

The Mega Man 2



My plot for topsauce worked! This means my life now has purpose. Or something. As I said, I'd buy a <$10 game on Steam for one random commenter on that entry. I had someone off-site pick a random number for me and Ace of Knaves, you've won! Let me know that you're interested ASAP, because if you're not, I'll re-draw. However, you do have until the end of April to pick your game. Hooray!

And I'm out. Have a good weekend, folks. I'll be back on Monday to examine a stereotype in an article maybe two of you will read. I suppose having half of my general userbase read something shouldn't be considered a big loss.
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