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Ode to Cblog Recaps -or- Shameless Pandering for Topsaucetoid

I really like the cblog recaps. Often, I stay awake until they're posted. So, I've decided to create an ode to them, that totally isn't me without an idea tonight. Let's see how this goes....

The recaps are totally awesome. In fact, I stayed up way too late last night waiting for the recap, not realizing that they sometimes do double caps. I was super bummed. It's nice to be able to see who is saying what about what each day, and, for someone who likes hearing his own name (like me), it's always fun to see what they have to say about whatever I wrote that day. Am I being more cynical than I realize? Did I do good? Am I a giant nerd? (that one is always a yes).

They also highlight their favorite blogs of the day, a distinction I have never achieved. So here, I am going to create a small blurb using as many of their classifications as possible (check their page for what they all are). My hope is that if I use everything, it will be so hard to classify that they will have to put it at the top. Here we go.

A - I'll keep it short, but lately I've noticed myself unattracted to most games. I go through this cycle often, though. I play a ton of games, then I just put them all down because I'm burnt out or something. Immediately after getting laid off, I played more games than I had the entirety of 2009 in the span of two weeks. Now, I basically am only interested in Street Fighter. What can I say? Street Fighter never gets old.

S - SNEAK PEAK AT MONDAY'S STEREOTYPE OH WOW! I'm not sure what direction I want to go yet, actually. Black t-shirts is probably an easy target, as are goatees. I don't really have any inspiration for how I could approach breaking those stereotypes, though. The direction I plan on going in...it'll be tough, and I doubt I'll convince anyone (like my sports one convinced anyone, I'm not that delusional), but it should be a fun one to develop.

M - For the "E for Effort" musing, I plan on avoiding the usual suspects like shooters, MMOs, JRPGs, and what have you (especially since I have varying interest in all of those). I was thinking about using licensed games...if I can figure out one significant piece of the puzzle, I totally will. For a direction I won't go in, but probably could, I totally get that people like Metroid Prime. I know this argument is pretty passe, but it just doesn't feel like Metroid to me, and I think it's a clear sign I'm getting old. I don't want to be on the old end of that generational gap. Not yet!

P - Well...okay. There's no podcast. Guess I can't hit them all.

As a showing that I'm not going to cheap out on this category, if this entry gets Topsauced, I will buy one random commenter on this entry within 24 hours of me posting this a game of their choosing that is less than ten dollars on Steam. Personally, I highly recommend Plants vs. Zombies, but there are some good games to choose from. In case there's a good weekend deal, this poster will have until the end of April to let me know what they want.

Yup, bribery. Like I'm above that.

E - One quick story from PAX East: there were these guys walking around with a portable stereo and signs that plainly said "/dance", an homage to the /dance emote that is frequently found in MMORPGs. It was pretty neat, but seemingly every time I walked by them when I was in "I need to conserve energy if I'm going to last this whole weekend." Sorry if I came across cranky!

D - Here's a picture of me from college. That qualifies as "in the wild," right? Also, my skin complexion is generally better these days. That picture is several years old.

S - To add one more story from my D&D post from earlier this week: our tank, our rogue, and myself had a contest that I thought up as a bit of a nod to Lord of the Rings when our dwarven paladin started talking with a Scottish accent. I proposed that whoever had the most killing blows on enemies would win an amount of gold from the other two players at the end of the competition (minions didn't count). When I left the campaign, I was in dead last.

God...how are we doing? Almost there? Gotta keep going. Gotta keep going.

C - It was 90 effin' degrees in Rhode Island on Wednesday. At the beginning of April. I can't claim to be an expert on global warming, but that is way too hot for April in New England. I couldn't even sleep because of how hot it is. Grrrr.

R - Kind of a late to the party review, but Batman: Arkham Asylum blew me away with how good it was. Putting aside personal bias, it was my favorite game of 2009 that I played (as I've mentioned, I don't own a PS3 and haven't gotten to play Uncharted 2). The game's combat mechanics were incredibly addicting in the best way possible, the stealth wasn't my cup of tea but it was well-done, and the Riddler's stuff was actually entertaining, which hidden "side-quest"y type stuff rarely is for me. Oh, and Mark Hammil is the best Joker. Yeah, I said it, Heath.

T - It occurs to me that we're pretty far into the current generation of consoles. Usually consoles are around for roughly five years or so, but it doesn't seem likely that we're going to be replacing our old systems next year. Are Natal and Playstation Move big enough deals that we can treat them as a sort of "replacement" for new consoles? I'd be okay with that, honestly, because those are optional add-ons, so I wouldn't have to spend a few hundred dollars on a new system. At least we can count on Nintendo to keep pumping out new handhelds, and making bank in the process.

D - To keep myself sharp while I job hunt, I'm collaborating with a few friends on a currently unannounced indie game. I'm testing a lot of ideas that I've had about games over the past year or so. Some of them might work, some of them might not. It has been a lot of fun, though, and expect to hear me talk about it more in the future (like when I have nothing else to talk about).

M - Honestly, most of the music I'm listening to right now is stuff I discovered in 2009, but came out in 2008. Mother Mother has been an obsession since I first heard their album "O My Heart", and the song I just linked is a personal favorite. Maybe I'll blog about music in the future since I listen to (and play) a lot of it.

F - I am SO late to the party on this one, but I started watching The Office this year. The current season definitely isn't as good as stuff from years past, and has been overshadowed by both Parks and Recreation and Community, but I don't think the show has run its course yet. They just need to figure out what direction they're going. I also started watching Lost but let's not talk about that.

L - I haven't read anything since I finished an Orson Scott Card series last year that I refer to as Space Mormons. Seriously. If you read it, and then read what Mormons believe, it's more or less identical, except the books take place in space. Because, y'know, it's Orson Scott Card. It is also really offensive at points.


I'm going to do this whole category with a video. A classic, Ryo Hazuki's obsession with sailors!

Here's a super-old internet meme that I didn't embed properly into this post.


So...there it is. It's not every single category, but it's a ton of them. I fully expect this to rest squarely in the fail column. With my luck, this has been done before, and someone did it better than me. Don't worry, I'll be back to my usual self with my next update.
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