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Pax East 10 Hands on impressions: Joe Danger


At PAX East this weekend, in the back corner of one of the expo halls sat a booth for Hello Games and Joe Danger. The bright colors and eye catching display should have been packed, but I didn't even realize it was there until the second day wandering around, because even the booth facing the front of the hall was empty.

Once I got my hands on a controller, I knew I was going to have fun. Controls are very intuitive if you've played a racing game this generation. Right trigger accelerates, left trigger brakes. A or X turbo boosts, and X or Square does a no hand trick, depending on whether you're playing no a 360 controller or PS3 controller respectively. Once I learned that it was off to the races.

Gameplay Is a bit like Trials HD mixed with the old Gameboy game Motocross Maniacs, mixed with excitebike. Its no wheres near the complex balance puzzles that trials offers, but there is manipulation of your bike weight to help get over obstacles. It also has loops and nitros and flips like motocross maniacs, shown in this video.


The excitebike part I was told comes in later levels. You are allowed to switch lanes for multiple paths throughout the level, one for speed, one for points/tricks, making even more replay value as you change up your path.

While talking to the booth guy, I found only the PSN version is planned at this time, and depending how popular that is will allow them to bring the game to more platforms. He was somewhat reluctant to say it would definitely come out on PC or 360, but would tell me the person next to me playing on a 360 controller was playing on a PC build.

Being that I don't have a PS3, I'm excited for this game and hope they bring it to more platforms after the release date of Spring 2010 on PSN.

Check out http://www.hellogames.org/ for more information.
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