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Grand Theft Auto 4...more like Grand Theft Videogame


Grand Theft Auto is a video game. I bought it because it has a big number on Metacritic. Grand Theft Auto has very graphics that are like almost as good as what is on the Gamecube.

Grand Theft Auto is made by one of my favourite video game makers which is called Rockstar. They made my favourite video game that is called Manhunt 2. It has violence. Grand Theft Auto also reminds me of one of my other favourite video games: Halo, because I can shoot people. I like this. Like most video games makes me feel violent and want to hurt all the kids at school one day.

Grand Theft Auto has a good story. Grand Theft Auto is about a guy who kills people. His name is Niko. He is cool because is Russian. I met a Russian one time. He had a funny accent, just like Niko. I can relate with the story. It sounds as if as written by my friends from the sixth grade. I remember that they used to make fun of gay people with funny jokes that are probably true just like Grand Theft Auto does.

I have never played a Grand Theft Auto before. I like how I get to travel around the city with cars that control like they do IRL. This makes the game longer than dumb games that are linear. I played it for at least 100 hours because that is what an advertisement said that I would spend playing it. So it was worth 60 dollars. After I finished it I realized Grand Theft Auto was not original at all but actually probably rips off Saintís Row 2. I already have that game so it was actually maybe a waste of money. I advice you all to not buy it.
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