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If God Of War Was On The Wii

This somewhat dumb and highly funny idea came out of a late night skype call I had with GenkiJAM. Seeing as I have a boner for all things history, especially Ancient History, I was watching a show on Net Geo about the city of Atlantis and how these people were trying to discover where it was and if it was real where did it go. Me being me, I absent-mindedly asked Genki if Atlantis was in God Of War,he laughed at me and asked why would it be. I told him that before he went bat shit crazy he could have took his daughter there for vacation, it could have been a theme park for all we know. So God Of War: Atlantis Festival Games was born, shoop done by Genki. Please don't hurt me.

Slaying the Gods getting you down, need a place to have a little fun, well then come on down to Atlantis and enjoy the many games and rides that Atlantis has to offer. Think your faster the Hermes, try your speed at Hermes's Race Around Mount Olympus. Think you have a better shot then Artemis, try you aim at Artemis's Shooting Gallery. Smarter then Athena, test your knowledge at Athena's Booth Of Knowledge. Want to see how good looking you are, try Narcissus's Hall Of Mirrors. Did you bring that special someone with you, float down Aphrodite's Tunnel Of Love. At Atlantis there is something for the whole family!
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