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Free gas... and being a lady.


So... free gas. No, I'm not going to lend you my husband who also has free gas, but I've been playing MAG (apparently over 180 hours of it since it released) and I just vetted over to a new faction and I'm starting again as a level 1... but I got free gas grenades! Not sure if that's a normal thing, or whether I was just lucky - but it's nice to have free gas (though it's small compensation for the loss of almost 170,000 XP points.)

This weekend I'm gonna be all by myself (cue song). Mostly I blame Zipper. My husband is away for a hockey tournament and normally I would be happy to have lots of gaming time without the need to justify it by doing extraneous tasks like cooking dinner or housework. I would look forward to playing MAG with other Dtoid members of our clan, but Zipper must not realize that gamers have friends. I love playing MAG, but the first decision you make in the game is essentially one that will prevent you from playing with friends who made a different choice - choose your faction. Ok, so I chose Raven and soon enough we had developed a wonderful clan of Dtoid members and most nights I have people to game with. Unfortunately, MAG also included trophies for reaching level 60 in each of the different factions, so if you want the trophies - you have to leave your friends, start again at level one and play all by yourself in a different faction.

I was gonna hold out and see if the devs came to their senses and offered multiple character slots (one for each faction), but devs don't seem overly bright when it comes to things like "playing with friends". They consistently make this difficult or near impossible (and when will devs learn that they are horrible matchmakers and that any matchmaking system results in a string of bad dates for the player!). With the double XP weekend I decided now was the time to do Valor... then be a points wh0re so I can get to level 60 and go back to Raven. It's not so much for the trophy, it's more to see the maps from a new perspective, try new weapons, and I look on it as a challenge run - how quickly can I get to 60 as Valor. Ummm... do devs even think these things through at all? I have no faction loyalty to Valor, so I'm in this for the points, the speed challenge... and yeah, that shiny trophy. I'm gonna be a bad, bad girl. I'll be a medic and just keep reviving you in front of that horde of Raven sharp shooters, I'll stick to whatever is frago'd even if it makes no sense... as long as I get the points. Hey, I'm just being honest here (though I would never sabotage or teamkill)! I know I don't have to leave my friends, but those evil devs made me do it! Zipper had a great idea with this faction concept, like a big clan and everyone's your friend (except that asshole who likes to teamkill people), but then they ruined the whole faction aspect by giving trophies for being a traitor!

Ah well, a traitor I be! So far, so good. I started Wednesday night and I'm up to level 25. Things are pretty much the same. I've been teamkilled, and some guy yelled the expected "shut up you fruity homo" at me. (I just replied that I hoped he was bisexual if he can't tell the difference between a woman and a gay man). I also met some really nice people. One squad I was in was mostly another clan and one of the guys yelled at his buddy "hey watch the language, there's a lady present". That would have been a really sweet sentiment... if I didn't normally yell obscenities much worse than what was said! I didn't actually realize how much I swear until I read this on the MAG forums:

Ummm... maybe I need to be a little more ladylike. I never used to swear this much. Yeah, I always mumbled "crap" when I got killed, but I never used to yell "at" people. I never used to use the "F" bomb. I think I'm going to try a little harder to not sound like a fruity sailor with explosive tourettes syndrome, and maybe sound a little more like a regular person, maybe even an actual lady. I'll try to contain my impatience at dealing with incompetent assholes who do stupid things and are more useless than a limp dick and ...

Fuck you! I said I'd try. Give me a fucking break. Meh....I'll start being a lady tomorrow.

... but seriously... I'm gonna try and swear less!
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