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Final Fantasy XIII - My Stylistic Analysis

The latest game in Square-Enix's role playing megaton franchise, has left many with mixed feelings. From our good sir Jim Sterlings' 4/10 review score to the A- from Jeremy Parish of 1up.com.
I am just a small bud in the forest of Final Fantasy fans out there, many of which are not very good at articulating why a Final Fantasy game is good or not. Yes, FFVII did have Sephiroth, but why does that make it the best game in the series? Maybe you are confusing your love for the actual game itself, with the way it effected you as a 10 year old kid? Yes, FFXII didn't have the best character development, but why does that make it the worst game in the series? Maybe the delivery intent was more about the clashing empires, not the characters themselves? These are a few things I have asked myself and asked other people. It's always an interesting topic.

I hope my analysis is clear and easy to understand, and I want all the fans of XIII to know that I would love to say more lovely things about a game we had waited ages for. But to those that are harsh on the game while forgetting what the concept of Final Fantasy is, your bunch would do well to remember it.
After beating the game, I feel maybe this experience was telling me that you can change your destiny if you choose to. You just have to make that choice when the cross road is in front of you. If thats the message the game is trying to deliver, then it has to be done in a certain way. Sure it could have been done better, but the route they took was a good enough formula for me to extract that conclusion.
Final Fantasy XII's main character Vaan. Yeah he's not a very likeable character. Neither is his wannabe girlfriend Penelo. But if you stop and think that Vaan and Penelo are basically two kids caught up in the affairs of wars, kingdoms and sky pirates, you'll realise the scope isnt about Vaan getting the girl in the end, its about the world in which they live and the situation it was in. I mean, you start off the game killing rats and you end up on some epic grand scale journey where every other character is a big shot except for you. Your just from Rabanastre and your brother died in a war so you think your all bad and deserving to be a part of all the action. As you can tell, FFXII is a favourite of mine.

I wish more people would realise, Final Fantasy is one of the only franchises that can completely change with each iteration and still be enjoyed by the fans. How many other great franchises can you say the same for? Halo? Metal Gear? Street Fighter? Im sure you cant. If that lamp out of Aladdin could give me a wish, it would be so fans of Final Fantasy learn to be more critical and embracing for each game that comes out rather than sending Square fan letters containing bad Cloud cosplay and a request for them to remake FFVII.
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