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Why Sex Should Be In More Videogames

It will sell.

Ah, what? I have to write more? Fine.

Sex is a topic I'm finding that more and more people are unwilling to discuss or dissect intellectually. The act isn't exactly considered public domain, so speaking about it so non-nonchalantly in public or in private (as I tend to do for one reason or another) seems to indicate a complete lack of respect for the "sanctity" of the act, despite its placement at the forefront of almost everything we as culture partake in.

Advertising. Films. Magazines. Television. Politics. The Internet. That's hardly scraping the surface, but it almost encompasses the entirety of what we intake as people, and yet we seem not to fret so much when a half-plastic woman is advertising Miller Lite or a dude that seriously needs to reconsider certain aspects of his choice in clothing (or lack there of) selling, well, clothing. Or rugged male "scents" because they're just such animals.

Sex can be dirty, filthy, sacred, loving, hateful, and any other amounts of basic adjectives, but what sex is to most people is taboo; people are unwilling to partake in discussion about sex unless with the closest of friends. Ever had a talk about how you ejaculated in like 30 seconds your first time to your Mom? Neither have I (but that's because I ain't a bitch...okay, yes I am...) Ever asked your online friend what the best way to get a girl aroused is (Hint: It isn't just sticking it in)? If you have, I hope you know what you're getting yourself into.

What I'm getting at though is that as much as we find ourselves surrounded by it, it is an ironic societal conceit that bedroom stories or discussions of yours and others' anatomy is meant to be kept either to yourself or extremely quiet. Why? Well, the most obvious is that no one really wants to hear a discussion going along the lines of "...so then she like starting working her..." behind them when they're trying to listen to the lecture going on, thank you very much mister I like tribal tattoos and Japanese characters that sits behind me in Humanities...

But for the most part, this clinical gaze that we find ourselves adopting in public translate into the entertainment we partake in; unless it's HBO, we don't want to (well, some people don't want to) see sex occurring on television, but they are perfectly fine with heads getting blown-off by Bald Space Marines and CG fight scenes where bones break through skin.

So when a videogame like Mass Effect, Dragon Age: Origins, or killer7 have sex scenes (and in the case of killer7 and pretty much all of Suda51's games, intense sexual innuendo and discussion), people jump all over it. The "Sexbox" "scandal" (have to separate them to emphasize how ridiculous both aspects of that title are) outlined that most people that aren't directly involved with videogames don't really want to hear about games selling sex to children.

Apart from being uninformed band-wagoners, people that take issue with sex in games, or really any form of media, are pretty ridiculous; it's simply amplified since it is occurring in a new medium. However, this brings me to my real point (I know, took long enough, didn't it?): there needs to be more sex in videogames. Period.

My point is that sex is underused in a way that devalues it. I'm not saying that if every game had a sex scene in it that we wouldn't become accustom, if not totally desensitized to the images, because we most certainly might. However, I tend to adopt the Alan Moore approach to story-telling, in that we see so much other "taboo" around us, such as gratuitous violence, so why don't we see the sex?

Sure, sex can be used to arouse a person, but at the same time, by simply implying that the scene occurred, for the most part, devalues the act. We have so many stories that center around violence that display every drop of blood without a hint of remorse, but even stories, especially videogames, that center around sex have nary a sex scene in it. Why?

Why not push it to the forefront? Why not make it a serious subject and put it right on the page or screen as it was just like any other scene. To crib again from Alan Moore, in his comic From Hell, he has numerous, graphic sex scenes. By numerous, I mean at least more than three (probably more than 5 now that I think about it...). When I say graphic, I don't mean violent or vulgar, I mean you see a woman place an erect penis onto her vagina and then slide it into it.

Do they have a revelatory discussion while doing so? No, not really, but what is important is the sub-conscious image that we can now associate with their relationship. The scene in question, which occurs literally in the first few pages, is neither used for arousal nor is it the last one you'll see. The scene is a clear-cut sex scene that is not crude, vulgar, pornographic, or really even arousing; it's sex, with no inhibitions, but also no tongues tucked in cheeks.

When was the last time you saw anything with more than two sex scenes in it that were not pornographic? From Hell has a ton of sex in it (as well as a ton of violence, but that's another matter), and yet it is not a pornographic comic. In fact, it is one of the most highly praised, if not the highest regarded, comic book of all-time. And Alan Moore wrote Watchmen and V For Vendetta, so that's saying a lot.

What it comes down to is that we, as an audience, and developers, as the suppliers, need to cut the giggling*, cut the shit, and say "Yes, we have sex. Here is some people having sex. Here is what that means. Here is why it is important to the story and why it is not simply being used to sell the game." Think about it: when was the last time you played a game and were actually surprised by a sex scene that occurred? I mean, really, when was the last time you played a game without fully knowing that there would or wouldn't be sex in it? Probably a while, unless you're just completely uninformed (which if you are, no biggie homes.)

Also, it would allow for more tits (and muscular abs and cocks and all types of great stuff for all the ladytypes and homosexualtypes out there. Also tasty hip bones, ankles, and collar bones, and all that other stuff some women and men are oddly attracted to) which is always a good thing.

*Seriously, I when I saw Shutter Island the other day, a scene in which mentally-ill patients in a dungeon, the saddest thing you could ever fucking see, was giggled and "whoo-ed" at simply because they were nude. WHO THE FUCK GOES TO A HARD-R SCORSESE FILM AND GIGGLES AT GENITALS!?!? Grow the fuck up movie-going audiences. Also, don't boo the ending because it wasn't all fairy-dust and giggling cunts.
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