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How To Suck At Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Hey guys! This is Corporal Coolkid of the 22nd Sniper Squadron. Today I'm going to teach you MY way of playing Bad Company 2. You know, the right way. I hope these tips and tricks help you on the Battlefield (lol), as they surely helped me.

1: Be a LeetSniper (tm)

K guys, the first thing you gotta do is get yourself an awesome sniper rifle. Screw all that needless C4 and Mortar-strike stuff. Snipers only have one goal: to kill people. Let all the Medics and the other wussy classes deal with all of the objective junk. All that REALLY matters is your K/D.

2: Huddle in a group with other Leetsnipers (tm)

Strength in numbers, right? Trust me, I know from experience that if there are a bunch of grass-people camped up on an obvious ledge, no one will find you/shoot a 40mm grenade at you. It is the ultimate strategy. But if that somehow doesn't work...

3: Wait for the Helicopter to spawn

Sure, it may seem a bit "unnecessary", but trust me, you will help your team more when you get the helicopter. It's a well-known fact. In the case that you don't know how to drive the helicopter, take it anyway. When you get in it, you'll automatically learn how to pilot it and lead your team to victory. But if that doesn't work...

4: Wait for the UAV to spawn

Using the UAV is an intricate process. Be sure to fly around for a few minutes just to get a feel for it (and have tons of fun, of course). When you're ready to take it on the battlefield, be sure you fly as high up as possible so that no one can spot you. If your UAV gets shot, be sure to fly it right back to your base. Just be sure to use it as defensively as possible. I mean, it can't possibly kill anyone, right? If for some impossibly odd reason that doesn't work, you can always...

5: Switch to Medic

Represent, bitches.
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