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Yoshi Scarf

Woot! Spring break! I had a couple of things I wanted to try when I had some free time and it's now or never. One of them is finished; I made a scarf that lets you stay warm wrapped in Yoshi's long, red tongue (keep your pervy comments to yourself, thank you).

Jesus Christ, it's trying to eat me!

Unlike almost every other thing I've tried to make from scratch, this one came out perfect on the first try! For those of you who've never worked with yarn, it's like getting The Sword of Kings from Starman Super on the first try.

The tongue is crazy long at over 72". I couldn't get a good shot of it fully extended, so I had to curl it up a bit. I considered putting something on the end of the tongue, but felt it looked better bare.

In closing: *Spring-Ha!*
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