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Jims Sterling is Destructoid and Destructoid is Jim Sterling!

This is a preemptive strike on all those who would oppose his will. Consider what destructoid would be like if he was gone. That is right, you would not even go to the site. Admit it. When I go to destructoid I do not even click on any of the posts without a Jim Sterling face. Look how many comments he gets: more than all the other editors combined multiplied by a factor of awesome. Without Jim Sterling, there is nothing here worthwhile.

I began to love Sterling when he led the charge against decadent art games. He rightly put those pretentious f*gg*ts in their place. I read every article he posted on the subject. The drama was delicious. His video was a masterpiece and hysterical. I lapped his hate up. I even started to read his older articles. He is the only reason this site gets hits.

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