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The Future Needs to be Awesome Again


Ok, straight to the point.

You know what really grinds my gears? Our now tiring perspective of how the future looks like.

Seriously, remember when we were anticipating the year 2000 for having flying cars, holographic communication, and snazzy robots everywhere which none of that crap ever happened after all? It was still awesome to imagine.

I am not sure what happened at the edge of the XX century that we became too aware about how we can fuck up the future now. I am someone who thinks about the actions before executing them, way too many times, and I support the deal about global warming, recycling and being aware of our dangerous population explosion. I know that we could start World War III, consume all the resources, blow the shit out of everything and... aaaaAAAAAA, DIDN'T WE GET IT ALREADY?!

Can't we be happy of what the future could bring us again?

Let the sunshine in!

So how can we be happy about the future? It's really not that hard. Just think simple, remember MegaMan? Just like in Astro Boy, everything on the world of MegaMan is very promising besides the idea of a maniatical engineer trying to take over the world. Just look at the background for a moment. Super skyscrapers, utopian architecture, impressive technology... oh and the skies are very blue, we might have discovered a cheap form of energy that makes oil just a memory.

Mirror's Edge (damn, I bring this game all the time), even if corrupted by massive information control, brings a very nice impression of a city in the future with an astounding civil design.

Even Pokémon had a nice projection of high technology and the evolution (pun obviously intended) of current issues in a bright way in both the game and the animé. We mastered the art of teletransportation? Medical attention is free?

Oh and speaking of animé, what about Dragon Ball? We live in domes, we can store any object in a capsule and we got hover scooters? Not to mention that transporting devices look very cheap.

Isn't technology astounding?

Something wrong? Good luck making me give a damn.

Going back with an initial topic, I am not surprised about how current issues look like in the future now. it's tiring and tiring, and tiring. And let's not forget that with intelligence, creativity and effort, what seems to be a major problem it can be solved with the time. Heck, in the beginning of the XX century polio was considered a really big issue, and now these days I barely even know what the fuck polio is. Same thing could even happen with cancer and HIV.

So how am I going to care? Well, make new problems of course. Part of the challenge should be on avoid making it environmental or too cheap in a way humans would have a darn long time to solve caused by a a periodical fuck-up.

What if suddenly... umm... I dunno... our social relation with an alien race in the galaxy of Andromeda gets disturbed when a megalomaniac bastard bombarded their planet with proton missiles and now we are at war? Or uhhh... our technology to access other dimensions goes wrong causing a chain reaction and... oh wait, that's already taken... well you get my point.

Oh and of course, I want to add:

Be wild, we never know what could be coming next!

It's the future for crying out loud! We cannot foresee way too beyond!

The spirit of science fiction and the deal of what could happen next, is not only on what we expect with what we have now, but also on what kind of messed up amazingness could happen next!

Lasers are so 1950s, Portal managed to come out with a new idea of a current technological and scientific impossibility. Did we saw coming in the colonial era that horses would be replaced by machines? That we could store light inside of a crystal orb to use it anytime? That we could even store our food for weeks without using salt as preservative? Be imaginative, think about something no one could ever come out with and try to apply science in it so it inspires us to find the way to make it real.

The abridgement between magical ideas and the real world is what makes science so interesting. At the beginning I was talking about holograms. In Star Wars we got Princess Leia communicating with Luke Skywalker with a cylindrical proyection. And now we are not so far from it becoming a comon amusement.

So developers, if you suddenly read me: please make the future something awesome again! We already know about the consequences! Make us smile some time instead of making us feel depressed about how we messed up. This is a rant beyond the deal about the lack of color in today's games (though it is somewhat related too).

Be positive that the current shit hole we live in could become brighter, fresher and beautiful. If we keep evolving, of course.
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