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Thank you, Mr. Robot (shortblog)

Apologies for the brevity of this thing. I’ll write a proper intro blog for myself later, but right now I just wanted to put up something short to commemorate Dtoid’s fourth anniversary. I first found the site over two years ago, when someone in…a gameFAQs forum post, I think?...posted a link to this: http://www.destructoid.com/pax-2007-mass-effect-is-disappointing-but-nice-looking-40483.phtml It was an early, not terribly positive prerelease impression of the original Mass Effect. The people in the thread were railing against the Destructoid writer for daring to say that some of the voice acting wasn’t that good and that aspects of the dialogue system had left them cold.

What impressed me about it was that the author (Joseph Leray, for the record) was saying things that went against the general group-think opinion of the game that existed on the internet at the time (“It has fully voiced dialogue! Look at those graphics! This is definitely, positively going to be the best game EVER!”), and more than that, he wasn’t trolling as he did so. He was clearly and succinctly relating his honest reaction to the game, which is something that I hadn’t seen much of on the internet before. And even though they weren’t things I particularly wanted to hear about a game that I’d been anticipating so fervently, I still thought it was cool that someone was saying them.

That kind of honesty and the fact that the staff members here approach things from their own unique perspectives kept me coming back time and again, and I quickly discovered the fantastic sense of humor that this place has, as well as the amazing diversity of the cblogs and the overall coolness of the community. Everywhere else I go on the internet, I never feel at home the way I do just reading the comments under a story here. There’s nothing else like it on the internet, and I feel lucky to have even been lurking here for as long as I have. So now, as I take my first steps into being an active member of the community, I just want to say again: thank you, Destructoid. Congratulations on four fantastic years, and thank you for being a funny, often thoughtful, thoroughly excellent island of awesome on the internet, and for keeping hope alive like it’s the year 2525.

The only way to express my appreciation for this place
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