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Rainbow Six "Countdown" ? Ubi speaks out...sorta

Yeah so hey this is the Juggernaut and i havent written anything on here in ages and then Blasto showed me the touchy feely forum post and i then i found this thing and i wanted to share it with you.

Anyhow to anyone out there that is a Rainbow Six fan this may be of some interest to you.

Now this could be nothing or it could be something but i dont know either way all i know is that it is something and thats enough for me.

So me and my buddy Keegan were playing some Rainbow Six Vegas tonight and he stumbled upon something. As is often the case Ubisoft will update the posters and other shit in the game to be more current and RSV1 is no exception as they update things on there to this day.

Anyhow Keegan ran across a calender in the DAM level. The calender was recent with the date July 14th 2010. To anyone else this might seem odd but to the obsessive gamer nerds that we are this seemed right in line with things Ubi has done for a long time like updating posters in game to match current trends in video games or movies or whatever.

Anyhow we got to thinking a bit and wondered to ourselves is this Ubi's way of telling us something like a possible announcement planned for July or maybe the release of a demo or something along those lines?

So yeah now we are excited and im gonna try and dig a little and email Ubi and see if i can get a comment from them about it possibly.

Oh heres a screen grab from some video i grabbed of it. Enjoy! So sayith the Juggernaut!

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