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Happy Birthday Destructoid

It's been 4 years since the start of the great site. I check it everyday for the latest gaming news. If Kotaku is the women's gossip magazine of Gaming, Destructoid is definitely the Maxmen or Playboy. I've been here since the very start, and what a journey! Unfortunately I haven't met any Dtoiders yet. I live in Portugal if anyone wants to make a meet! Destructoid PT, how about it?

The Community blogs feature is unrivaled in any game blog or website. It is a great community that I'm proud to be a part of. As a token of my affection here's my great Paint work celebrating four years of journalism!

Also, this is just a suggestion, but I say we make a day of Sterlingtoid in honour of honourable Jim Sterling's contributions to the site. I know Destructoid is much more than Sterling, for we have the great Rev's Indie discoveries, the lovely Cole Bennett's love of all things silent (and hilly) and also Hamza AZIZ (were you part of Something Awful? I suggested a guy's crazy programming support forum for Weekend Web and never got an answer back!), Dale North's all around awesome averageness and of course Sterling's raw brutality. There are others that I don't remember, but I love you all guys the same, except perhaps the lovely Cole Bennett more than others because of her love for all things silent.

Also did or did not Dtoid birth the great Rev's sister amazing series Hullo Josh whatever arst thou perusing in thy video game console? Congrats on that.
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