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God told me I sucked so I started a memories blog

Look, I don't drink.

Oh Boy, its time for woofin great memories blog.

Before we begin, I have something important to say. The jigg is up; I am Wiisucks.

Hi! My name is Kyle Coolkid.! I'm a completely ordinary teenage boy from San Diego, California. My interests include soccer, surfing, writing poetry, and luge. I am homeschooled by my father who fought in the Korean War and was exposed to nerve gas. He is kind of crazy but I still love him. We got the Internet two years ago and I started making new friends on Yahoo! messenger. Surprisingly, most of these new friends were older men who wanted to have illegal, underage sex with me. Needless to say, I got a boner like a rocketship and cybersex quickly became my favorite thing in the entire world. Wait, did I say boner like a rocketship? I meant my vagina got as wet as Lake Titicaca. I started saving all of the hot chat sessions I was having with the Pakistanis, lesbians, child molesters and other monsters who were instant messaging me all day and all night, and I decided to put them up here on this website so you can see exactly how disgusting the entire human race is. Since then, I have been in a waterskiing accident that mangled my genitals beyond repair, been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, brain cancer, and Crohn's disease, learned to speak Urdu and French, covered my naked body in superglue, went to French lesbian camp, made a Hindu eat a roast beef sandwich out of my vagina, and ruined perfectly good cybersex for at least one hundred people. Use the menu above to find out more about me and start reading my sexy adventures.

Now with that out of the way, let begin EVERYBODY EVERYBODY EVERYBODY.

Get Up, Its Time To Slam Now

Now, some wonderful advice from BuckF1tches

Hello, this is Christian Bale. I bring forth to my disciples a very special message.

My Card

Some random personal thoughts:
People have often accused the community of the past of being unwelcoming but I have disagree there. I was just a person who used post short news blurbs and a lot of Rock Band news. I didn't make creative photoshops or write elaborate essays comparing the differences between the Western RPG and the Japanese RPG. Through being a simple FNF host, I was able to make some very long lasting friendships just by simply having fun. I couldn't care less about throwing my opinion around on whether or not games are art. I just wanted to enjoy my hobby and share my enjoyment and love for games with others. That is all. The older community members saw that I was here to have fun and showed me respect that I never thought that I deserved and I can't thank them enough for it.

The main reason that I continue to be a part of this community, along with coordinating the PAX Meetups and DTNY, is to reach out to the new community in the same manner that I was reached out to. If you heading into NYC or to PAX, I will try to make sure that you have the best time that you can possibly have.

Thanks for everything Dtoid Community, Much Love!
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