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Fighting for Games

Recently I've had an encounter with what could be the worst nightmare for younger gamers everywhere: A relative, around 50 years old, who believes video games are the worst form of time wasters and that I should "grow up" and get rid of it.

Asking about the alternative, he mentioned being more social (I met plenty of good people through the medium of gaming, among other things), switching to more movies and books (both of which I enjoy from time to time) and focusing on my work (I work from 8 to 4:30, five days a week, and am focused enough to get just about anything I need to do done.)

Unconvinced, he took to the "health" angle, saying that games damage my eyesight, cause me to suffer from obesity among other problems, and stress me out. I countered by saying that both books and movies can also do harm to my eyesight, that I exercise on a regular schedule in the gym, and that games don't stress me out. In fact, they calm me down. What stresses me out is baseless attacks such as the one he was carrying.

He mentioned it was a waste of time, money and energy, which I simply laughed off without justifying it with an answer.

He reverted back to the whole "Age" and "Social" argument, this time with new prospects about "Future Growth," "Starting a Family" and "Professional Success." I firmly put my foot down and stated that games do not, and will not, have any effect on any of those elements.

As a final attack, he listed several "failures" in life, who the family knows have fallen into some hard times, who used to game. My answer? They're not the only ones, and there's plenty of others who never game who are just as miserable, if not more, while many older gamers lead happy, fulfilling, successful lives.

An hour later, I returned home with God of War III and pressed Start.

Has anyone faced such a situation, and if so, what do you do when you can't ignore it?
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