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My Hopes For Deus Ex Human Revolution

So now that the new trailer is out for Deus Ex 3, I thought I'd put out some ideas and thoughts on what the 3rd game in the series can learn from the previous two.

Stay Cyberpunk!

Cyberpunk is my favourite sci-fi genre; if you couldn't tell from my cblog header, I'm a massive Blade Runner fan. It's mix of high tech with film noir stylings is completely captivating to me and cyberpunk as a whole seems to have borrowed from this aesthetic wholesale. Despite being a supposedly passe genre of literature, I've still gotten a lot out of the genre as I've been catching up on the works of William Gibson and Neal Stephens over the last 10 years. The problem with cyberpunk is that it's near future ideas have quickly been overtaken by our real life technological advancements. Ten years ago, with the Internet suddenly booming, did anyone predict we could have mobile devices that were more powerful than our desktop computers. William Gibson's seminal cyberpunk novel Neuromancer still had date being moved around on tape drives. These days we see more and more incredible tech advances that puts to shame the science fiction of yesteryear. Yet, the aesthetics of cyberpunk still interest me, maybe because a lot of the genre's standards are timeless stuff; mysteries, detective work, bleak outlooks, film-noir atmosphere, urban sprawl, everyday use of fantastic technology, the chance to see what tomorrow holds.... if Deus Ex 3 can hold onto these elements then it will be something special to me.

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