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Dear Destructoid Pt.1

Dear Destructoid,

Err, that’s a little formal…
I’ve done a couple of blogs already, about my tattoos, but I thought I should do one of these introduction things I hear so much about. Check out my tattoo ones if you’re interested though. I also decided to add a little “this is my game stuff” and this is what you end up with.

I have been playing video games since I was about 6. My father gave my brother and I an NES for Christmas one year with Super Mario Brothers and Kid Icarus. It was all over from there. We amassed around 25 or so games; we had the power glove, the fitness mat thing, and two zappers, didn’t have R.O.B but wanted it.

Games that couldn’t have lived without:
Super Mario Brothers 1-3
Kid Icarus
Legend of Zelda 1 and 2
Wrath of the Black Manta
Mega Man 1 and 2
Gunsmoke. Fun Fact: This game rules.
Mike Tyson’s Punch Out
Metal Gear

We used to carry it between parents houses (see: divorce) in a large camera travel case, (You know the big silver ones?) with foam cut outs inside to hold it all in place. It was pretty badass when you showed up at a friend’s house with this thing. I always hoped I could get it to make that hiss noise when opened, like when Predator removes his helmet. But i digress. Long story short: not sure where it went. It’s gone, just gone. I don’t even know where. It was even chipped so it was even region free. Sad days. I’m not crying; I just have something in my eye!

I also had an Atari Lynx in my youth. I lent that to a girl and broke up with her before getting it back. I loved that thing, but everyone else had Gameboys so I could never get my multiplayer on.
Games of worth:
Slime World.
Chips Challenge.

I had a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis for you NTSC types) but it never really grabbed my attention. Really only played a few things here and there:
Rolling Thunder
Golden Axe
Sonic 1-3
Streets of Rage (I’m not sure if it was called this elsewhere…)

A Super Nintendo arrived one day, and that thing got played pretty heavily. It was kind of sucky being a PAL gamer, because you would read about these awesome looking games in EGM or something and they would just never come out here. We owned some pretty sweet games:
Chrono Trigger
Secret of Mana
Legend of Zelda
Mario Kart
Flashback; was my favourite of all time

I also did quite a bit of PC gaming as around this time the internet was just poppin off. Warcraft 2, Duke Nukem 3D, and Quake were all outstanding multiplayer games. I actually won a Quake mini tournament at a computer show and the prize was a shitty Microsoft racer and 100 free internet hours, which was a godsend back then because one hour would run you around $5. The best two players in the mini-tourney had to frag it out with a Quake level designer (apparently) playing along as well. The Quake guy won, but he didn’t count because he was just there for show, so I got the prize.
Other things that got played:
Rise of the Triad
Doom 1 and 2
Police Quest 4. I love when you find that kid in the dumpster.
Syndicate Wars
Tie Fighter
Wing Commander III

I saved my ass off for an N64 day one purchase: $400 plus extra for games and controllers. My foolish mother told me she would match me dollar for dollar on the money I saved: She underestimated me. I ended up with around $350 on my end, so I got Mario64 and Wave Race, plus a 2nd controller. I think I liked Wave Race better. Am I doing it wrong? Over the next few years, I got heaps of games for the N64.
Some favourites:
Rogue Squadron
Perfect Dark,
Extreme G,
Pokemon Stadium,
Pokemon Puzzle League,
Duke Nukem 64,
NFL Quarterback Club.
The New Tetris – Wasn’t really that new was it? No, not really.

We used to gamble on Extreme G. I don’t recall the name of the mode but you had to blow up as many of the drones as you could before finishing three laps. I had a friend who didn’t know when to quit, and I think I heard the term “double or nothing” 5-6 times that day. I ended up with around $150 in my pocket.

My brother’s stoner friends were always good for money as long as just the right formula was implemented:
Three of them against me
$50 if I win without deaths.
First to ten
Won every time.

This little upstart company showed up not long after the N64 came out, with a console of their own, Sony or something. Perhaps you have heard of them. I wasn’t much of a Sony kid, I was the Nintendo fanboy after all, but I played through Resident Evil 2 in one sitting, I just could not put it down. It was scary at just the right times, and action packed at other times. It even had puzzles! I remember finishing around 0630 in the morning. I didn’t get much time with many other PlayStation games, as most of the people I know who had them had mainly fighters, which I love, but I’m anything but great at them. So other than RE2, I didn’t really play anything.

It was tough for me when the next generation consoles came out, because I had no interest in the PS2 and the GameCube seemed a little uninteresting at the time. I ended up back on the PC with games like:
Quake 3
Unreal Tournament
Total Annihilation
Counter Strike
Half Life

FPS’s really did belong on PC at the time. Net café’s started to pop up all over the place, so we spent lots of late nights, in dark basement stores, with bad body odour and repetitive music. Good times.

I eventually got a GameCube and found some really great titles on there:
Luigi’s Mansion is still a favourite.
I actually like Mario Kart: Double Dash. Why all the hate?
I loved Wind Waker.
Super Mario Sunshine was ok I guess.
Mario Golf and Mario Soccer were amazing fun.
Viewtiful Joe
Rogue Squadron. These games were so much fun.

The GameCube didn’t do well in Australia, as PAL regions are very Sony. I’m generalizing, but I think this is the same in Europe too. Being up against the Xbox and PS2 would have been pretty tough, but because of that, stores always had GC games cheap, so I ended up with heaps. Sadly, they are all pretty bad.

I have intentionally left out all handhelds other the mention of the Lynx, so here’s the rundown. Well it’s all Nintendo isn’t it?
First Gameboy I got was the Pocket. I never had the brick, my Mother actually had one for Tetris, as it seems most did.

I had Pokemon Red and Zelda.
That’s it.
That was all I needed.

If I remember correctly, I maxed out the “time played” clock on Pokemon. I had all 151, and I used to kick ass in battles at school. Even though I was like 17. Silver was cool, but I preferred the original 151. It’s most likely one of those “good old’ days” moments, because Gold/Silver had some awesome Pokémon too, but I really just prefer the first 151.

Funny Story Moment:
I went to one of these events where you get one of the rare Pokémon by trade, (Mew, maybe) and I had my Gameboy in my jacket pocket. Yes, it was a Gameboy Pocket. The jacket was one of those big ghetto puffy white Nike ones (see: Eminem) and this huge giant of a man tried to jump me for it. I really didn’t give a shit about the jacket, but my Pokémon cart was in there!! My buddy kung fu kicked him (cause he was Asian) and it was all fine.
It was kind of like:
Asian friend, I choose you!!! Use kick attack!!
Critical Hit!!
Giant man has fled from battle

Don’t fuck with a man and his Pokémon!
Sorry, I see now it wasn’t that funny.
I got a Gameboy Colour. So not worth it. What was it like, 16 colours? And they weren’t even colours, more like shades. Should have called it Gameboy: Shades of Colour, AMIRITE?? No I’m not, but I still played the same three games, so I stuck with the pocket.

I skipped the Advance, and went straight for the Advance SP, which really was better. I felt that the Advance was too big, not quite pocket size. I had a few more games for that,
List of Stuff I Liked:
Legend of Zelda Minish Cap, which I thought was pretty good.
Pokemon FireRed

I think the concept for the DS was good, but I don’t think it was executed properly. It seemed a little gimmicky. I eventually caved and got the DS Lite. I liked it, and then I loved it.
Trauma Centre. I was playing this on a plane trip home from New Zealand, the patient died and I got told off by the flight attendant because I dropped a very audible F bomb.
Dementium. Good, could have been better.
Cooking Mama
Pokemon Pearl. When will it end?
Elite Beat Agents
Mario Kart DS
Phoenix Wright. I liked the first one the most, probably because it was easier. Also, makes you feel smart.

I think more retro games would have been good, and then, as well, more games that used the stylus in better, unique ways. Like Elite Beat Agents for example, or Nintendogs. I won’t get into R4 things and so on as Nintendo Australia is going crazy at the moment and I don’t want to get sued. Officially, I DON’T have one.

And then shit got real, son.

I remember when they announced the Wii. I was pretty excited. No, I was reallllly excited. So many possibilities! The screens for Zelda looked so good! Point at the TV and then SHOOT!! FPS games will be amazing!!
Sadly, as we all know that wasn’t the case. I got one Day One, midnight launch, played at home for about two hours, said “meh” aloud and went to bed. My girlfriend at the time said something that, at first I dismissed but really was true: “I’ve done this all before on the Eye Toy.”
Whaaaaaaattttt????!?! Bitch you CRAZY!!

But she was partly right, it wasn’t 1:1 control, and Nintendo knew it. They sold it as if it was, but I don’t think they ever said it was. So they didn’t really lie, but the commercials were a half truth.
Games I liked:
Wii Sports in groups.
Zelda was a once play through.
Mario Strikers (soccer) wasn’t as good as on the GC.

That kind of killed it for me. It was like strike one, two, and three. I was actually pretty shattered. Nintendo practically raised me, taught me life lessons, and this was the best it’s got? Kids games, family games, girls games, and the icing on the cake: they didn’t care. I think really this was the point when your parents say:
“We have new kids to look after now. Its time you moved on, get your own place, start your own family. Listen, Son, it’s time to GTFO and grow up.” I still come back to visit though, spend some time. House of the Dead Overkill is awesome, and I’m getting into the Wii Ware now. Dead Space Extraction was a super disappointment. Games that are relevant to my interests:
Pokemon Rumble
Lost Wind
Mega Man 9 and 10

New retail games I like:
Punch Out
Trauma Centre
Tatsunoku Vs. Capcom

I did get out of Nintendo’s house however. I got an Xbox 360.
Rainbow Six: Vegas
Lost Odyssey. Did not finish.
Eternal Sonata. Did not finish.
Dead Space,
Gears of War,
Batman: Arkham Asylum,
Assassins Creed II. Sure the first too I guess.
Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, the list goes on.

I really love my 360. I get to play it a lot with my son, and he enjoys most of the games. We have a pretty strict “No Licensed Games” rule, so he isn’t growing up playing crap. He’s 8 now, and we both enjoy anything with zombies in it, or anything where you can shoot people in the face. Left 4 Dead gets some jumps but he thinks it’s all good fun. He is playing through Arkham Asylum at the moment. I have around 45 360 titles now, and have a large backlog to finish. Thankfully, there’s a bit of a break over the next few weeks with not many new releases, so I can get in some time with games that I haven’t even made a dint in like:
The Saboteur
Magna Carta II
Bioshock (the first one. I know!!)
Prince Of Persia
Dante’s Inferno, which is hard to me. Maybe I’m just not great.

Apart from that I play World of Warcraft on the Barthilas realm; however I’m pretty bored of that now. I have a level 80 rogue that I raid with, but it’s really just the same thing over and over. Here’s a new bad person that should die, kill him and I’ll give you this!!! Look, shiny!!

I’m also catching up on all the gems from the past I missed in my Nintendo fanboy days. I recently got a PSOne and PS2 Slim and have some games on them to get through. After writing this, it really seems I have my work cut out for me! I’ve also managed to get myself another NES and have started getting back all the games I had when I was a ratty youngster. I’m a bit old school, but not a retro elitist; HD is nice.

If anyone wants to have a game of something, hit me up on Xbox Live. Gamertag: YoTanaka. Wii if you really want… Such a dirty taste in my mouth…
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