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PS3 Fanboys are NOT the worst. SUPER TROLL's ARE.

and here I have all the proof you need.

You want to know who SUPER TROLLS are? Well thats easy, these are the people who shit on the other side whenever the Flame Train shows up WHILE Hiding behind the walls. They jump on board without self precaution and just start throwing shit balls to the other side of console preference and still claim they are fair & balanced to all consoles. UGH, its like a racist screaming "you are racist" to cover himself up.

I have caught a couple of you in time in ways to hopefully make you understand that for shitting on PS3 Fanboys or Xbox Fanboys DOES NOT, and I repeat, DOES NOT MAKE YOU A BETTER PERSON/GAMER/BLOGGER ect, you fucking idiot.

So stop shitting on peoples faces when a selected few are to blame or use misleading comments to channel your fanboy rage hatred to the opposing blogger's console of choice. Want proof of what I mean? easy here it is.

and I played nice, there are a bunch of SUPER TROLLS commenters all over our site. Sexualchocolate and Patriotsnake are by far not the worst. To me and many of you find it that they are funny because they are most of the time ranting in such a way that you must laugh at. They are saying stuff that don't even make sense or is clearly visible they are fanboys.

Now SUPER TROLLS are not funny... the way they make shitstorm in a personal level putting personal attacks directed at current bloggers as a whole while still promising to themself they are innocent. The Same as politicians. They judge a entire community because of a few fanboy trolls and then USE that point as an excuse to do personal attacks to not just the fanboy trollers, but the entire fanbased community. I think that is wrong. How can I make this clear to everyone in a way everyone can understand... lets do a little pretend ok!?

This is a example of a post taken out of proportion and made flame bait for the SUPER TROLLS to come out of the wood works with follow-up comments like:

"YEA Nintendo Fanboys are STUPID! they keep breaking TV's, injuring themself and now shooting them self"

"That's what they get for stealing Xbox's Avatar community, Nintendonts are the WORST"

Then you have a Wii Fanboy reply:

"Well I still like my Wii, its fun, I can exercise, and use the push up Bar! which the other consoles don't have it!"

"STFU YOU WiiTARD! your an idiot and all of your kind are the worst fanboys there are"

and this is the perfect example of what happens in Destructoid. Commenters become SUPER TROLLS and don't even realize it swearing they are fair and just. and then lets say you have been a Nintendo fanboy for the longest. You been loyal to it since the beginning days of the NES, SNES and stuck through on their hard days of N64/Gamecube, and now finally you see some success with the Wii, you have proven of being a worthy Nintendo Fanboy, NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! but now you can't really enjoy reading blogs because of SUPER TROLLS shitting every possible time on your system on how much it sucks or how much it stole from the competition or w/e other bullshit they can come up with to shitstorm on X fanboys. Remember they not only attack the opposite console, they attack individually anyone who make any statements adding value to the opposite console.

Also by no means this is an attack to Jim, I love Jim, I love his posts, I know he loves the PS3 and shits on the 360 occasionally. I see crystal clear what he does which it indeed does entertain. But Jim, naughty naughty, I caught you with your pants down!

Update: And thus, success!

and now the reward...
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