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Disrespect for the Creators? Yeah, it Happens.


This is a prime example of premier fucking bullshit when it comes to Fanboys. Any kind of fanboys.

You go so goddamned low to disgrace the very game you are there for, just because the prize for whatever fucking game they were playing was a free console. BUTWAITAMINUTE!! It's the enemies' console!

"The Enemy; the enemy!!" "Booo! HIsss!" (say 3 times in a Gollum-like voice and you know what I mean).

Wow. Fucking unbelievable.

And here's the kicker, folks - Producer Yoshinori Kitase and Art Director Isamu Kamikokuryo were on hand to give out the prize. How in the fucking world do you disgrace the very game you are there for, and have two of the fucking people that helped make the game right in front of your goddamned faces? How do you pull that shit? Tell me, and I know for DAMNED sure you didn't "forget" that they were there for 5 minutes just to bash another console. Just because the game wasn't exclusive to the PS3? Who the fuck do you people think you are? These are the people that made the game. Made it for you, the fans they know who were going to buy it because it is Final Fantasy, and such, the rabid fanbase awaited.

This emulates the point I make when I talk about fanboy-ism to anyone - ALL fanboy-ism, whether it's PS3, 360, or even Wii (maybe), is disrespect. Disrespect primarily to the people who make the games you play. Same bullshit happened when Devil May Cry 4 was going multiplat - people bitched, people whined, and people even wrote petitions that said whiny bastards signed. I can only imagine how the developers felt when the shit hit the fan about this, and I can only imagine how Kitase and Kamikokuryo felt after that crap. God help 'em if they push FFXV as a 360-exclusive after this.

In my last word I'll say this - the elitist qualities any and all fanboys of any console always muck everything up for the rest of us who only want to JPG's already. It's damn near inescapable on any game site, but at least sites such as D-Toid have it down to a minimum. But in reality: most people don't give two shits about which console has greater 780p, scaling, or any of that other bullshit. Some of us are without a PS3, others without a 360. It's a damn good thing that many games have no exclusivity for us because, as gamers, we're in a community. In said community, we talk about the games we play no matter the console. Fanboys such as the ones in the video do nothing but wreck that shit, and push their beliefs on others. In front of two members of the design team, no less!!

Shut The Fuck Up And Just Play Games.

An anagram for the fucking ages. Goodnight and good rant from So.Cali, everyone. Now go play.
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