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Falling In With Fallout 3

One of my first ever articles on Destructoid was about how I found Fallout 3 impossible to get into even after multiple attempts and restarts. It an era rife with frustration and sadness. I can�t bear to speak of it much more.

Fast forward to early 2010. I�m older now, wiser, more mature. Actually I�m pretty sure none of those things (while true) have any bearing on what I�m about to say. In 2010 I fell in with Fallout 3. Oh yes terrible puns; I went there.

Power armor is sexy

I don�t know what it was about this play through but somehow I made it past the points where I had stopped previously and finished the game. Once I got a better gun than the starting 10mm pistol and the BB gun things really started to open up. I didn�t explore every single location and I didn�t do lots of the smaller quests of the �Bring me any scrap metal you find� variety. However I did reach level 20 and I finished all of the �trophied� sidequests.

At least that stupid guy worshipping the bomb will finally shut up. Fucker.

Even though I generally enjoyed my play through Fallout wasn�t without its faults which I�m sure people have talked about before, but it�s my turn now.

Story. The story itself was fine. I enjoyed finding out about my dad�s hidden past and making Project Purity a reality. My biggest complaint (again real shocker here) is the length. The sidequests took up more of my time than the main story. Bethesda did such a good job creating the world of the Capital Wasteland but the story barely takes you anywhere. If you only went to the locations dictated by the story, you�d barely explore a fraction of the games total locations. I wished that I actually had a reason other than my own desire for adventure to journey out into the Wasteland and discover some of these other places. It�s interesting when you discover these other �secondary� places and you find that there are little tidbits, hints, and notes about why that place is important, but it�s not enough. I want actual story there not just notes in a computer terminal. The audio logs in Bioshock worked so well because the game�s main story could stand up so well on its own. Both elements worked in tandem whereas in Fallout they felt rather disparate.

Combat. I don�t really have a problem with V.A.T.S. I used it from time to time, but I really got annoyed when I tried to play the game a little more like a FPS. When my targeting reticule is centered on a target and I still miss because internally the game didn�t �roll the proper value for a hit� is incredibly frustrating. I understand that this was supposed to be more like an RPG but it just didn�t work.
Now onto something I thought the game did right (kind of). The map. When you look at the local map on your Pip-Boy entrances and exits are clearly marked with where they lead to. I consider this a necessity. I wish other games like Borderlands had something like this. I don�t remember where every single door leads and I want the game to help me out.

Don�t get me wrong, I enjoyed Fallout 3 a lot. So much so that I bought the �Broken Steel� DLC to extend the main story and up the level cap. As of yesterday I beat the main quest part of Broken Steel (which was okay � still not great but definitely not entirely fleshed out) but I still want to hit the level cap.

All of this has made me very interested in Fallout: New Vegas, a game which previously I probably would have ignored. Well done Bethesda.
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