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Dislike Activison but like there games? Here are some alternatives.


Outside is this amazing world that... Ok haha I had my fun but in all seriousness i can't recommend 1 MMO because there are so many, and not everyone likes the same things I would have to list off a few that I have liked in the years of playing MMO's.

Star Trek Online
Warhammer Online
Ever Quest 1/2
Age of Conan (try the trial)
Champions Online

Or you can wait for Biowars new Star Wars MMO. (which I myself with ditch WoW for)

So there you go, there are a few suggestions for different games to play. I know its hard to quite MW2 and Guitar hero cold turkey, BUT there are some really good alternatives out there. Activision is being a little bitch and cheating gamers out of there money. They are destroying the industry and I hope no one here buys the 15 dollar map pack....

Side note: Blizzard is a good company so you don't HAVE to stop playing there games. In fact I'm going to buy Diablo 3, starcraft 2, and the new WoW expansion when I get the chance, BUT if you want to quit activision then those are some alternatives for MMO's.
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