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How Nintendo almost ruined Other M


So, like any good person with nothing else better to do today, and who has their game consoles 500 miles away in an apartment, I was reading my RSS feeder. I come across the Kotaku section, and I seem something� very unsurprising

It was a Nintendo story. I have to say I just skim these because I�ve gotten used to nothing happening that I care about. But something was alarming.

Metroid: Other M was almost an on-rails game.

Okay, let that sink in for a moment. Let it sink in that METROID was almost ON RAILS. Mmm yeah, let that just digest. Done? Alright, well�


Metroid, METROID, Other M was almost an on rails game!? METROID!? My head hurts! What the fuck am I reading!? Nintendo, what are you almost doing? You have to be kidding me. You were going to take the one game that isn�t Zelda that you make which is KNOWN for exploration and has helped spawn the genre, then turn it into an ON RAILS game?

Okay, I know Nintendo has been pretty fucking lost as to what a game actually is this generation, but this just screams everything I find wrong with Nintendo�s philosophy. They want everyone to play games right? Fine. I�m fine with that. Give someone Wii Sports and let them go amuse themselves. But the fact is, not ever game has to be accessible to god damn everyone. Would making Metroid a completely linear game help non gamers to play it? Yeah. Would said non gamers play it? Nope. Would you piss off every actual gamer who would have liked to play it. Probably, yeah.

I understand that Nintendo wants to get everyone playing games, I get it! But for Christ�s sake, have they lost touch with all their actual gaming background to the point where they could completely fucked up their chances at somewhat redeeming themselves in the gaming world? Would it have been worth it?

It just baffles me what Nitendo is doing. They keep saying they are aware of the hardcore market and are (attempting) reaching out to them, but at the same time they�re attaching this casual garbage to it which puts a hamper on their attempts. The fucking auto-play on New Super Mario Bros? Fuck you little kid, I didn�t have that shit when I played Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES, did I cry that I couldn�t finish the level? NO! I kept playing until I finished the damn level.

I just don�t understand what Nintendo is thinking now. I want them to make me happy, I want to like their games, I want them to MAKE games. But they just don�t. They show up to E3 spouting all this shit like �Oh we got something for the hardcore gamer this year� and then they throw Animal Crossing out there and say �There you go!� and are confused when people ask them what the fuck they are doing. How many interviews after that were there where it was just Reggie like �Oh we gave you Animal Crossing what else do you want? You were asking for a game, we gave you one.�

I just don�t know anymore. I�m for one happy that they basically rehashed Super Mario Galaxy 2, because at least they won�t fuck with one of their rare winning formulas this gen. But god after hearing this Other M crap, I�m scared for the next Zelda, I really am.
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