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God of War III vs. Deadly Premonition

As we all know, exclusives are the best games a system can have. God of War III is much better than Dante's Inferno not because it is better, but because it is exclusive. However, what happens when two different systems have two different exclusives with 10/10 scores? Why, you compare them! I mean, geez, the genre of the game doesn't matter, it's all about the fact that it shows the best of their systems!

Shown: Excellence

So I haven't played either of them, but I obviously can make an assumption based on the fact that they are exclusive. So let's get started!


The graphics for God of War III are mind-blowing. The lighting and the chain-swinging can only be done on the PS3, so that means that they're awesome. However, Deadly Premonitions graphics are waaaay better. Why?


Yes, fishing. Fishing make everything, including the graphics, better, so why should I continue any farther?

Well, I'll answer that right quick.


Animal Crossing had fishing first. Therefore, it is better.

Well, that settles that. No need for further debate. You're welcome.
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