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What'd You Get? - The Edition Where I Explain Where I Went To


So, I guess this talk's been a while in coming. For those of you kinda new to the site and don't know me, hi. For everyone else, yes, I'm still alive. And yes, you probably remember I used to post a lot, lot more and write amazing pieces that were well researched and easy to understand. I always loved doing that.

But as you've also noticed, I haven't been around much at all lately. I doubt some people really do care where I've floated off to, as so many others have done the same thing, but I've never really mentioned what's been going on and why I only seem to appear here and there from now on. The answer, in short, is that I've been busy. But there's more to it than that.

My full-time job not only eats a good chunk of the time I used to use for posting stuff, but helping to run a Web site takes up a nice sized chunk of my free time as well. It's essentially left me with little time left to write about videogames, as much as I'd love to and with as many ideas as I have circulating in my mind.

Of course, then there's the burn-out factor, which my full-time job has done nothing but cause the past few months. I used to write when I'd get home, but I'm often so mentally exhausted at times that I can barely think straight. And don't suggest writing or posting at work, because I don't want to test them. I don't need to end up fired and on the street because I posted about Sonic the Hedgehog 4. They're not afraid to throw anyone out because there are 100, 200, 500, maybe 1,000 people who will happily take my full-time job just so they can have work, odd hours, high stress and all.

And then there's the friends factor. Most of the people on the site now ... I don't know them very well. Heck, almost everyone I've known from when I started here is gone, either because they just got tired and left or went on to do new things at new Web sites that they started up. No, that's not a bad thing, and there are definitely familiar faces, but it does kind of lead to a detatchment sometimes when those great conversations you used to have are really not there anymore.

Does this all mean I'm leaving? I hope not. If anything, I'd like to start blogging more. But when you're done working for the day and you realize you have to get up just so you can eat, shower and go back to working again, blogging does kind of get lost in the great shuffle of things.

Sadly, the same thing happened with video games, and I don't have anything new and shiny to post for What'd You Get? this week, but that's also because I don't, you know, make a lot of money. I've been saving up for a few things and as a bit of a cushion to pay my bills should I ever lose my job via layoff or something else.

But maybe it's different for you guys. Tell me: what'd you all get?
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